How much do you know about the cost of education?

The average cost of a year at a public primary school is currently:

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While education lays the foundation for your child's future success, the costs of providing this quality education quickly add up.

How much is the average cost for a year at a private primary school?

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Schooling could be a significant portion of your monthly budget if you don't have any other financial provisions to cover these costs.

If your child started Grade 8 this year, how much would public high school cost (for 5 years)?

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These figures can be daunting and reinforce why it is important for parents to start planning early for their children's future.

How much on average would you pay to send your child to a private high school (for 5 years)?

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Sending your child to a private high school will cost just over half a million rand.

True or False: these tuition prices include the cost of uniforms, stationery, technology requirements (like a tablet & data), extramural activities, sport or club fees and extra tuition.

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These tuition costs do not include any additional expenses that are often necessary essentials, like stationery.

True or False: university tuition is less expensive than private high school tuition.

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It costs R230 600 for a three-year undergraduate degree or tertiary diploma, or R76 867 per year. Private high school costs R533 000 or R106 600 per year.

How much do you know about the cost of education?
You’ve made a good start towards preparing for the future but there are a number of steps you can take to make your goals more achievable.

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It can be tricky as to which policies are best suited to help you achieve your dream of educating your child. The help of a professional financial adviser may be necessary to assist you in establishing new, healthy financial habits.
You understand the importance of planning for your child’s future and are well on your way to providing them with the education they deserve.

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You may benefit from the support of a professional financial adviser who can help you establish clear goals and guide you on how to achieve them in a realistic way.
Congratulations on taking a pro-active approach to financing your child’s education.

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Although you’ve made sound financial decisions regarding your child’s future, it could be beneficial to seek the guidance of a professional financial adviser, who can ensure you’re reaping all the benefits available to you.

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