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The pressure on modern moms is constant; hold down fulltime jobs, run around between school and extramural activities, manage the household and run the family schedule among several other roles. With all this activity, it is important to know that if you are merely 1% percent dehydrated, your brain function decreases by 5%. This is where a home carbonation device like a Sodastream comes in handy.

The devices come in various models and a variety of sugar and aspartame-free flavours or you can even make your own fruit-infused sparkling, according to your taste preferences. The best part is you can take your SodaStream bottle with you while you go about your daily routine.

“Sodastream actually conducted its own research into hydration,” says Francois Dippenaar, Managing Director of Sodastream South Africa. “The study revealed that on average, homes that owned a Sodastream drink three more glasses of glasses of water a day.” Sodastream would like to gently remind the moms of South Africa that self-care is extremely important. Stay hydrated in order to operate at an optimum, mum-machine level.

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