(closed) Win 1 of 5 Nanny ‘n Me baby development courses worth R680 each + get a free gift when you enter

Whether it’s mom or dad, nanny or granny looking after a little one at home, with our new reality comes new challenges. What’s the smartest way to set up a home routine that keeps your baby happy, healthy and learning? What tools and resources do you need? And how do you make your home a place of play, laughter and fun despite the chaos in today’s world?

The Nanny ‘n Me team has created a number of online learning courses that will help you and your little one thrive. Created by 14 OTs and Moms, our courses will guide you through activities, give you fresh ideas and help you to understand not just the what but the HOW and the WHY of play and brain-building interactions.

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You could WIN 1 of 5 Hands-On at Home for Baby (0-14 months) courses & kits worth R680 each!

The Hands-on at Home for Baby course (suitable for up to 14 months) has 6 sessions. Each session has a number of videos, downloads and resources for you to work through.

  • The course will help you and your little one thrive and develop in six areas of childhood development, using common objects around the home and how ‘serve and return’ interactions will build your child’s brain.
  • Each week has an item or object theme and our activities will help you see how you can use these simple items for ALL areas of development.
  • The kit that will be delivered to you will also contain all that you need for the main activity for each session!

To enter, simply fill in the form below.

This competition is open from 12 April 2021 to 30 April 2021.

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Max’s Mommy says “I appreciate Maggie so much more! It is heartwarming to watch her and Max play”. 

“Our family have found these to be such a lifesaver in being able to do fun and meaningful play with Leo whilst we try and juggle working from home and still giving him the attention he deserves.”

“We would like to say a HUGE thank you for the amazing classes that are available to us via the portal… especially ensuring that these are things we can do with what we have around the house.”

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