Little girl having make-up session with mom

Tiger, helicopter or chilled? You’ve no doubt heard of the different mothering styles and might be wondering what type of mom you are. Here’s a fun quiz to help you see what kind of mom you are.

What kind of TV shows would you let your child watch?

child watching tv

If your child forgets to do her homework, you think:

dog eating homework

It’s dinner time and you’ve made roast chicken, potatoes and veg. Your picky child only wants fried chips. What do you do?

child is a fussy eater

Your child wants a tattoo. You think:

child with a i love mom tattoo

Your child needs help with homework. Do you:

mom helping child with homework

Your six-month-old baby’s dummy drops on the floor. Do you:

baby dummy

What type of activities would you want your child to do?

childhood hobby

Your child doesn’t make the school play. Do you:

upset little girl

You’re at the park and another child tries to take your toddler’s turn on the swing. Do you:

little girl sitting on a swing set

What's your mom personality?
You're a wholesome mom

woman meditating

You’re mother earth and prefer the au natural route, whether it’s home births, breastfeeding for a few years, homeschooling, or cloth nappies. You don’t judge non-wholesome moms, but you’re ready to shout the praises of midwives, co-sleeping, homoeopathy and essential oils.
You're the BFF mom

best friends forever lettering and banner

Sometimes you think you’re a kid too - you just want to be liked by your kid and be considered their friend. Your niceness could lead your kids to think you’re a pushover, and during manicures or expensive toy-shop visits, they could be playing you.
You're a tiger mom

strict teacher

You focus solely on your children’s perfection and want them to be the best of the best in academics and music. You’re already planning your outfit for your child’s cum laude graduation from an Ivy League university.
You're a helicopter mom

toy helicopter

You’re a so-called helicopter mom because you hover over your children and become very involved in their lives. You finish their sentences, puzzles and homework, and worry when they’re out of ear or eyeshot for longer than five seconds. If asked, you would even pick out all the brown Smarties from the box for them.
You're a chilled mom

relaxed woman in a hammock

You know when to jump in when your child needs help, and when to back off so that they can learn and grow themselves. You worry “enough” and don’t lose sleep if your child doesn’t finish his supper, or spends 15 minutes more watching Peppa Pig on the iPad.
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