When last did you attend a baby shower? Family and friends go all out to celebrate the new mommy and her bundle of joy who will soon be part of the family. I asked some pregnant and new mothers what their ultimate gift would be, or what they would have appreciated as a gift at the time.

Being a mother myself, I was very fortunate to get a bottle warmer which comes in handy especially on cold winter days because it only takes a few minutes to warm baby’s food – and it wasn’t something I had thought to buy myself.

From prams, bottle sterilisers and diapers to more (and more!) diapers, this is what mothers on social media had to say when it comes to their ultimate baby shower or new-baby gifts.

Anelisa Matshoba said a microwave bottle steriliser, which wasn’t even part of her baby shopping list, has proven to be their most important item.

Thandiwe Cele is grateful to have received an electric breast pump that she uses to express milk for her little princess.

Cebelihle Ntuli is due in the next few months and says, “I am such a finicky planner. I buy things the minute I find out I am pregnant so, by the time I have a shower there’s nothing left to buy. However, having decided to go the modern cloth diaper route, I would appreciate cloth nappy vouchers. To get a practical full-time kit costs about R3 000 and it would have been perfect to have vouchers to put towards that.”

She added, “That, paired with a book for the baby. I feel as if it creates a beautiful, lasting memory for a baby to have a library from aunties – baby books that are signed with something from each person.”

Nothando Mdletshe says that she appreciated the cute anti-colic bottle she received. She says that she couldn’t produce enough milk for her baby, who had a huge appetite. When they were discharged from the hospital, her hubby fetched them and had a homemade bottle with him, which made their trip home very peaceful.

“You can never go wrong with a gift voucher – this allows the parents to buy what they really need and avoid any duplication.”

Nokuphiwa Sikhakhane would have appreciated diapers and more diapers! Can a mom ever get enough of these? “I would think more diapers of bigger sizes because these little people grow so fast,” she adds. “And when people come to see the baby, they could bring refreshments because chances are the new mom won’t have time to prepare a snack for them.”

For Ntombiyethu Mntambo, a bottle warmer and co-sleeper cot would’ve been her ultimate gifts.

Not to be outdone by the mommies’ gift ideas, dad Mlondi Gumede said that pharmacy shop vouchers would have been great to use for a baby’s medication and toiletries when needed.

You can never go wrong with a gift voucher – this allows the parents to buy what they really need and avoid any duplication. What’s great about baby showers is that the new mom is able to have a gift registry, where she can select the items she needs the most – and where guests can buy items within their budget.

The next time you’re invited to a baby shower or the first visit with a new mom, put yourself in her shoes and think of a gift you know you would really use and appreciate. The simplest gifts are often the most thoughtful ones.

 10 other useful ideas include:

  • Gift voucher for a photo shoot (newborn or with your family)
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Bra fitting (for her new boobs)
  • A session with a sleep and/or lactation consultant
  • Lactation cookie/product hamper
  • Meal vouchers
  • A cleaning agency to help with household cleaning and chores
  • A hair stylist and/or nail technician to do home visits
  • Night nurse
  • Babysitter

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