Treat yourself to a sugar-free bonbon

Moms can treat themselves to a new taste sensation with a packet of Dr Soldans Em-eukal bonbons These mouth-watering, sugar-free range of high-quality sweets are aimed at the health and weight conscious markets.

Em-eukal sweets come in four delicious flavours: Eucalyptus (fresh minty), Ginger-Orange (spicy citrus), Lemon (refreshingly tangy) and Salvia (zesty sage), that slowly melt in the mouth. Each premium-quality sweet is individually wrapped with a red-and-white “hallmark flag of quality”, which helps to preserve hygiene during the unwrapping process of the sweet.

Dr Soldans high-quality confectionery is manufactured using the finest, natural ingredients and extracts of the highest quality fruit juices and oils. Em-eukal sweets contain no artificial colourants or flavourants and are suitable for diabetics and vegetarians. Look out for them at Dis-Chem and independent pharmacies in 50g packets for around R29.