Top tips to get your kids involved in home cooking

Whether it’s muddy outdoor activities or indoor ones that involve the splashing of paint or dirtying of clothes, if there’s the potential to get mucky most kids are likely to think it’ll be fun. It’s worth using this fact to your parental advantage when it comes to cooking.

Many little ones see cooking as a boring household chore, but it can be just as fun (and messy) as everything else. Encourage your kids to get involved with cooking at home to help them learn important life skills. Here are some tips and fun recipes, as well as important info on things like how to remove ketchup from clothes and useful info.

  1. Make simple recipes together

The best way to get kids excited about home cooking is to find a recipe they would like and show them a picture. Children are likely to be more interested in producing something if they know what they are aiming for and it looks appealing. Start simply and increase the complexity of your meals each time. For example, with kids who have zero cooking experience try making mashed potatoes and letting them decorate it with smiley faces using squeezy ketchup (and afterwards, if you need to know how to remove ketchup from clothes, click here!). 

  1. Learn how fruit and vegetables grow

Another great way to involve kids in cooking is to encourage them to think about where food comes from and how it is produced. This is an important life lesson and one that will contribute to good nutrition in the future. Use online videos to show kids how different food stuffs are grown or made and then find ways to incorporate those items into your cookery. They’ll learn about eating from field to plate.

  1. Try children’s cooking classes and activity packs

If you’re not the keenest cook, but want to encourage your children to be, there are lots of ways to get them involved in home cooking that don’t necessarily require top-level skills from parents. Most towns and cities have kids’ food or cooking clubs now where they can go to learn about health, nutrition and cooking. If your child attends one of these, ask them to tell you about it afterwards and help them to practise new skills at home. 

“Encourage your kids to get involved with cooking at home through tips and fun recipes, as well as important info on things like how to remove ketchup from clothes.”

Chocolate birds’ nests

If you need an easy recipe to get going, why not try these fun birds’ nest treats!

100 percent child friendly stamp of approvalIngredients

200g milk chocolate
300g breakfast cereal (e.g. shredded wheat or cornflakes)
1 packet of mini marshmallows
Small chocolate eggs (to decorate)


Melt the chocolate in a large bowl in the microwave, then quickly mix in the cereal until it is completely covered in chocolate. Melt half the mini marshmallows in the microwave and add both those and the whole ones to the mix. Stir again until fully combined. Dollop out the mixture into individual cake cases and use your thumb to make a small dent in the centre (so it looks nest-shaped). Place two small chocolate eggs in the centre of each nest. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour or until fully set. Then enjoy!