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Panado® contains paracetamol, which boasts over 150 years of clinical experience. 9c Panado® offers a dose of care for the whole family, from tiny tots to grandparents.2-7 It gets to work in just 15 minutes and is gentle on childrens’ stomachs. 8a,9b,10d,e Panado® has a wide range of products for both adults and children; available in capsules, tablets, effervescent format and syrups for children. The range sports many different pack sizes and is widely available from retail outlets, so grab a pack for relief on the run or for home use. 2-7

Supa Quick is your full-service auto fitment experts in South Africa. Whether you need tyres, brakes, batteries, shocks, or exhausts, our fully trained staff are 100% committed to your fitment needs. Supa Quick are the fitment experts.

Born in South Africa in 2020, the Lily Rose Collection was created to allow fashion-savvy women to easily switch between casual weekend style and glam working executive mode, without having to swap out her handbag. 

Introducing our most-adorable and snuggable mrpBaby for 0-24 months. From body vests to leggings, dresses & playsuits to denim jeans & tees, even blankets and accessories! Every little detail is made to be loved by baby and our value, well that’s made to be loved by you! Great quality for baby, great price for you! 

Makers of the original Baby on Board sign.

NUK -The Orthodontists’ Choice. Feeding products & accessories which promote healthy jaw development – German engineering when you need it most!

At 3 years, milk remains one important dietary source for children, ensuring their optimal growth, as they are still developing bones, teeth, muscles and brain. Novalac Junior Milk contains all essential nutrients including calcium and iron. 

Justine’s journey started in 1973 with a South African woman who couldn’t find a product for her skincare needs. Using science to get the best from nature, she created the now iconic Tissue Oil, changing the face of South African skincare and empowering women to earn as Beauty Consultants.

To this day, we are for South African women. We are the scientists who develop world-class products that deliver superior results. We are the women entrepreneurs who sell our products and uphold our brand. We are the women who use our products every day. That’s why all our products are made for South African skin, by South African skincare experts – because we are you.

Sudocrem is the European market leader in the nappy rash sector. Nappy rash can be a cause of unhappy, crying babies, with as many as one in four babies suffering from the condition at one time or another.

Next Biosciences is Africa’s leading biotech company combining medicine, science & technology to create innovative products and services, empowering one to invest in and take personal ownership of their future health.

As the #1 mom and doctor recommended breast pump brand*, Medela provides the best in research-based breast milk feeding products. We are committed to supporting every mom’s breast milk feeding journey and innovating beyond the mechanics of pumping breast.

Live the JEFF Life. The most supportive community in the world with thousands of people who are achieving their weight loss, health and fitness goals from the safety and comfort of home.

Montagu is a trusted South African brand. We promise Montagu small town goodness in everything we do, providing the most delicious, best quality and sustainably sourced healthier snacks – so our customers can live their best life!

We pride ourselves in an extensive range of Kids Electric vehicles, Scooters (Mobilities) and Hoverboards, a full workshop with spares, guarantees and back up service.

Luvland strives to make your sexual well being fun and enjoyable. We follow world trends to make sure you experience the best the market has to offer.

Launched in 2001, our Tea4Kidz range is the first tea ever to be created just for kids. Best of all, it’s the fun, healthy alternative to sugary drinks, that you’ve probably been looking for. The range is high in vitamin C and Health drink alternative for kids. 

Set against the backdrop of the magnificent Waterberg Mountain Range in the Limpopo Province, Safari Plains proudly welcomes guests from December 2018.

A collection of luxury lodges and hotels in Southern Africa.

We offer the widest range of mom, baby and toddler products, from strollers, car seats, travel systems, baby bottles, breast pumps, baby plush chairs, baby beds and so much more…

Supreme Fertility is a natural and non-invasive Fertility program for patients planning on starting a family, struggling with unexplained infertility, PCOS, recurrent miscarriages, ovarian insufficiency, or in preparation of IVF and assisted reproductive techniques. It is a holistic approach that includes a dietary and lifestyle consultation, scientifically researched supplementation, and DNA testing for both the mom and dad. The Supreme Fertility program is only available through registered healthcare practitioners.

At Baby & I, we want to create a shopping lifestyle for parents and their little angels.
We focus on offering exceptional baby essential products with attention to detail and providing quality items. Our trained service staff will be happy to assist you. Together we will find the perfect baby items for your needs. We will help guide you through all the product choices available, making sure you select the right products and brands for your lifestyle.

Opti-Baby & Kids Early Child Care & Education Centres believe that educational, developmental and emotional investment in the early years of a child’s life are critical for optimal brain growth and can have significant positive effects for the rest of a child’s life.
Opti-Baby centres provide nurturing care and education to help each child flourish in a safe, healthy and educationally enriched environment.

PregOmega Plus is the 3-in-1 prenatal supplement. Used before, during and after pregnancy, PregOmega plus benefits mom and baby through all stages of conception, pregnancy & lactation. 

Multivitamin and mineral tablets
– Containing a combination of vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal nutrition during pregnancy
Omega 3 fish oil capsules
– Purified to ensure that all heavy metals and environmental pollutants are removed from the oil
– High in DHA and EPA*
Calcium combination tablets
– The Calcium tablet in PregOmega Plus contains a combination formula that includes Vitamin D3 and Magnesium

Gelusil Plus is indicated for heartburn relief during pregnancy.

Gelusil Plus has a dual action effect:

  • It forms a raft (barrier) over the stomach contents and helps keep stomach acid in its place.
  • It neutralises stomach acid.

Pregula™ is a health supplement that supports and prepares pregnancy.
Pregula™ helps to reduce the risk of neural tube defects when taken daily prior to becoming pregnant and during early pregnancy.

Pregula™ also contributes to the maintenance of good health. e.g:
–  To maintain and support a healthy female hormonal balance during the reproductive cycle;
– To maintain, support and regulate a healthy menstrual cycle.

Each sachet of Pregula™ contains 2 g of myo-inositol combined with 200 ug of folic acid.
Easy to take – optimal dose. Pregula™ is an orodispersible powder that can be poured directly into the mouth or dissolved in water.

We only sell the safest car seats with the highest safety ratings, as well as child safety devices for sleeping, playing, bathing and feeding. We offer full assessments & professional advise based on the latest research & best practice.

Solenco South Africa has used its 18 years of business experience to scour the world to bring the latest and the best technologically advanced products in air treatment and lifestyle products.
Solenco South Africa has partnered with factories across the globe to bring quality products that are chosen for their suitability for South African weather and environmental conditions.

Pure Beginnings is a family-owned and -run company that has the well-being of our customers at the heart of our business. From humble beginnings, we have grown into one of the most trusted organic skin-care brands in South Africa, and have always been guided by our founding principle:

“Pure Beginnings keeps your family’s skin as pure as the day they were born by providing high quality, effective, organic skin care products which are not harmful to the environment – ensuring peace of mind from the beginning”.

Jordan’s great tasting kids toothpastes, specially formulated for each stage of your child’s dental development that will make teeth-brushing time a breeze.

Jordan Kids Toothpaste 0-5 years has been specially formulated for milk teeth while Jordan Junior Toothpaste 6-12 years contains the right ingredients for those much-anticipated permanent teeth. Made for every smile.

Europe’s #1 stain specialist remover. Dr. Beckmann’s high performing and effective products create a full category branded solution to specific laundry and household problems – which other brands don’t service or leave unanswered.

Batiste is the Worlds #1 Dry Shampoo brand and the ultimate instant hair refresh! Its the fastest way to great looking hair. Its convenient, saves time, money and is suitable for All Hair Types. Batiste refreshes your hair between salon visits or in between wash days and leaves it feeling refreshed, clean and smelling gorgeous.

Scratching your head over finding the right anti-dandruff shampoo? Thinning, dandruff and de-energized hair are big concerns for men. One of the world’s leading* male hair care brands, Alpecin®, has a unique formulated shampoo that addresses these concerns.

The Korbell Nappy Disposal System uses a triple-sealing system to ensure odour-free nappy disposal – and is hands free!
Bonnycare is a product of tibb health sciences which is based on the Unani philosophy which promotes holistic health for the whole family. Bonnycare contains ingredients that helps to relieve infantile colic and gas, aids digestion and has anti-spasmodic properties.

Epi-max® is passionate about families. That’s why our products are suitable for everyone, from newborns babies to the elderly. Our range of emollient moisturisers are suitable for all skin types, including dry skin associated with conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Epi-max is made by South Africans for South Africans – whether it’s the harsh dryness of Highveld winters or the crazy humidity of KZN summers, we have a product for you.

Epi-max® is free from artificial colourants or fragrances, and is not tested on animals. Our products are trusted by families, doctors and dermatologists to repair, restore and revive dry skin.

Baby Fever is an online store situated in Cape Town, South Africa which specializes in assisting parents in finding suitable and quality products at affordable prices.  We also provide UIF assistance for Maternity, Paternity and Adoption in South Africa. 

Feminine Hygiene Mastered.

Move through different life stages with confidence, comfort and ease.

Lacson Syrup contains lactulose for the effective relief of constipation and bloating.

Lennon Glycerine Suppositories are specially formulated to help with the laxative relief of occasional constipation.

Lenolax helps to relieve occasional constipation and is safe for use with babies and toddlers.

New parents want nothing but the best for their children, but baby equipment is expensive and often only needed for a limited period of time.

Anew was created to lease parents the very best baby products affordably and safely with a passion to curb overconsumption and stop waste.

Meg is the best-selling author of the Baby Sense Series Books and an Occupational Therapist. She has a passion for the care, development, and education of babies and young children. Supporting parents on this journey has been her life’s mission.

Good Night is a child and baby sleep consultancy that specialises in helping parents with children who struggle to sleep soundly and who have difficulties with children who cannot sleep through the night, as well as helping parents of children who are challenged by successful day naps and overall sleep health.

Meg Faure has created the ultimate parenting hub in the Parent Sense App for babies 0-12 months.
Get to know your baby and what comes next:
When to settle your baby to sleep?
When and what to feed?
How to optimally stimulate your baby?

Play Sense is an expertly designed program to teach 2 to 4-year-olds creativity, problem solving and self-regulation. We believe in learning through play in small groups in a home environment.

Bringing you the best in pregnancy, baby, child and family nutrition.
Shared with love by our advisory members Kath Megaw & Natasha MacDonald

👉🏽CPR and First Aid Courses. EVERY SECOND COUNTS! For parents, teachers, childminders, caregivers and businesses.

Dr Maraschin strives to deliver the very best medical care for your child and is passionate about preventative medicine.

Caring for your little one can be overwhelming. This Mom-Doc shares some useful information and tips to help you raise safe and healthy children one day at a time.

Dr Khanyile is a paediatrics registrar.

Wheel Well strives to be the most visible, audible and effective advocate of Road Safety for Children in South Africa. They aim to raise awareness, educate and effect changes and enforcement of legislation on issues surrounding road safety pertaining to children both in and around the vehicle. 

Vitalab is a Johannesburg based fertility clinic that has been committed to helping couples build families since 1984. We have pioneered a wholesome approach to fertility, supporting our patients medically, physically and emotionally. 

Shakti Births is run by Tamryn Schmahl, a certified HypnoBirthing® childbirth educator and doula in Centurion, Gauteng – offering group/private HypnoBirthing® classes, doula support, and birth equipment for hire/sale.

The new children’s book by local author Zinhle T. Matthews, MY FAMILY OF SUPERHEROES, in which all children are superheroes. In this beautiful book she shifts the focus by using the power of positive affirmation to help children access their inner hero. “The greatest gift we can give our children is the ability to be their own superhero,” she says.

Internationally qualified with over 22 years of experience, Judy is a warm, passionate and highly-respected nurse, midwife and Board-certified Lactation Consultant.

Thula Baby Centre is a private well baby clinic, offering antenatal classes, lactation support in the clinic, in hospital, as well as after discharge from hospital, and care of the newborn baby, mum and dad.

Rianette Leibowitz focuses on Cyber Wellness and is on a mission to save lives by taking a more holistic view of our digital habits.  Rianette founded SaveTNet Cyber Safety and has helped many victims of cyberbullying, hacked accounts and more.

In her book “Raising a SCREEN SAVVY Child”, (also available in Afrikaans) Rianette empowers families to become responsible digital citizens while equipping parents with practical tools. Families book Rianette for personal coaching sessions and she speaks at schools, churches, companies and conferences. Additionally, Rianette has played a significant role in the development of cyber safety toolkits for schools and corporate cyber wellness programmes for companies.

SaveTNet is a Non Profit Company, which aims to save lives by creating awareness of responsible online engagement for the youth and their parents with the support of national and international parties involved.

Dr Natalia Novikova is a highly qualified gynaecologist with extensive international experience who currently works in private practice in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Her special interests are pelvic floor disorders, cosmetic gynaecology, minimally invasive surgery. Dr Novikova is passionate about providing individualised world class care to her patients and helping women to find solutions to their intimate issues that suit their needs.

Catriona Boffard is a Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist, and Sexuality Researcher. She is accredited with the College of Sex & Relationship Therapists (UK), the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapists, and the UK Council for Psychotherapists. She is an expert in the field of sexual behavior, well-being and mental health, and is particularly passionate about working with people who face difficulties in their sexual experience, especially women with sexual pain.  

Passionate clinical dietitians working with a variety of medical conditions in a multidisciplinary practice in Bedfordview.

EVERYSUN is Africa’s trusted name in sun protection. Families have been relying EVERYSUN to keep them safe in the sun for decades. Be sure you are giving your family the best sun protection by using EVERYSUN.

Karvol contains a combination of oils that help relieve nasal congestion, head colds and bronchitis, so you can breathe easier.

Milton uses more than 60 years of expertise to help you effectively sterilise baby bottles and teats with no need for boiling.

Nova Chocolate produces a range of artisanal couverture chocolate products to the heath and wellness consumer through a network of more than 1,000 stores nationally.

Our Vision is to help minimise the tedious daily to-do list that burdens consumers when it comes to Licence Disc Renewal.

Our Mission is to use technology and automation to our utmost advantage. This enables us to service you with a world class infrastructure and offer you solutions to your integration woes.

All of this allows you to get to market in weeks.

Theoni Papoutsis is a Birth keeper. She supports, inspires, and holds space for women to find trust in themselves and their bodies so that every baby feels welcomed.

Theoni weaves together all of her experience as a doula, therapist, Hypnobirthing teacher to bring you Confident Hypnobirthing. Her insights and experience gained from over two decades of attending births, allows Theoni to engage with the deepest concerns of expectant mothers. Her empathy provides a forum for in-depth discussions with both mom-to-be and other parent-to-be.

By the end of the course, coples  will understand the process of labour and birth, be fully prepared and confident for all eventualities.

With a focus on retailing unique pieces that bring contemporary style and luxury to any home, we strive for quality in everything we do and assist our customers to achieve a look that represents them and their vision.