The funniest things we’ve seen to date (we NEED to laugh right now)

We are all stressed and scared with the coronavirus, and while we’re not ignoring all that’s going on, we recognise that sometimes humour is a coping mechanism during tough times, and a much-needed form of “therapy”.

Here are some of the funniest memes and jokes we’ve seen online.

Working from home meme about coronavirus 5 second rule reduced to 4 second rules coronavirus meme Don't work from work coronavirus meme Simon Gear coronavirus tweet Reversal of parental roles due to coronavirus Paid leave request due to coronavirus Mom Barbie meme about coronavirus staying at home Meetings vs email due to coronavirus Loadshedding coronavirus quarantine meme Introvert meme about coronavirus House plan map for self-isolation meme Homeschooling for coronavirus Hand sanitizer meme about coronavirus Hand sanitizer CEO coronavirus Gluten allergies gone after coronavirus outbreak Getting sent to your room by nature due to coronavirus Divorce lawyer meme about coronavirus Counting rice coronavirus meme Coronials coronavirus meme Coronavirus emailer forward message meme April fools meme about coronavirus 2020 cancelled coronavirus meme 2019 vs 2020 going outside with coronavirus

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