The 8 types of WhatsApp moms during the coronavirus

During the last few weeks, I’ve wished that some of the WhatsApp groups that I’m part of could be on lockdown too. The fake news, all the questions, the anxiety to add the anxiety.

There has also been a lot of love, support and humour (I’ve seen some hilarious memes), which got me thinking about all the different type of WhatsApp moms out there during the coronavirus times.

Here are some moms who come to mind:

1. The sharer of everything

Whether it’s fake news or real, this mom will share it, because her hairdresser, neighbour or cousin passed it on to her. She wants to keep you informed and feels that it’s in everyone’s best interests to share whatever she’s been sent. Even. If. It’s. Fake. News.


2. The one who wants to break the rules

“But I have to walk Fido”; “But I want to drop a present off at my friend”; “Who wants a delivery of my potpourri sachets?”. This mom feels that she’s exempt from following the rules during the lockdown.


3. The quiet one

She doesn’t say anything. Not a word. But all your messages are read by her. Her silence either says she has nothing to add, or she’s judging you, or she has better things to do. Or all three.


4. The helpful one

This mom has a great heart and just wants to make people feel safe, happy and fulfilled. She’s sending meal plans, craft ideas, and links to online courses. She’s full of positivity and assistance, and while she’s sending useful titbits, she likely has muffins in the oven (made from scratch), and her kids are doing developmental and fun activities.


5. The one who wants wine and gin

This mom responds to any alarming news or stats with things like: “Make that a double G&T tonight” or “Thank heavens my fridge is stocked with enough chardonnay for this”. She’s not an alcoholic at all, but realises that desperate times call for a full glass.


6. The one who asks all the questions

“Can I go out?” “What time do the shops close?” “Will Woolies still be able to deliver groceries?” “Can I still order sneakers from Superbalist, and get them delivered this week?”. She clearly stays away from news and reliable social media outlets; otherwise, she wouldn’t have to rely on WhatsApp groups for the answers, many of which are wrong anyway.


7. The inspirational mom who sends messages of hope and humour

This mom is positive, saying her prayers and affirmations, and sharing light and love. She’s the kind of mom every group needs and she’s likely burning her incense and wearing a garland of flowers right now.


8. The negative one

There’s always one. One who is negative and full of doom and gloom, when it’s least needed. Basically, she’s a mood killer.