The social media awareness that the BabyYumYum team has created for our brands has made a significant difference to our online presence. We have seen an increase in people visiting our Facebook page due to BabyYumYum creating and sharing informative content related to our brand on their portals resulting in converting leads to sales.
Eugene Beck, Road Cover

We have been so happy with the results of our recent campaigns that BabyYumYum will always be a platform we approach when we plan our launches and future events. BabyYumYum has been very professional and have certainly added their special touch to our campaigns.
Lorrin Jarvis, Maxi-Cosi

On behalf of the Childbirth Educators’ Professional Forum and Bio-Oil, thank you for supporting February’s Pregnancy Education Month campaign. The attention has raised awareness of the positive difference childbirth education can make and will hopefully encourage many expectant (and future) parents to be prepared, so they can experience a better, healthier birth. Thanks for ALWAYS being such a pleasure to work with; it’s greatly appreciated.
Cathy Williams, Paula Wilson Media Consulting (PWMC)

Working with BabyYumYum over the last few years has been an absolute pleasure. The team is fun, dynamic and knows how to get brand exposure to their audience in an honest, effective way. We have run numerous successful campaigns with BabyYumYum and value their partnership.
Lauren Radar, Product Manager Artemis Brands

WOW! I weep reading this! This is actually the first time I have spoken about this and to see it on a public platform really touches my heart. I feel a weight lifted having shared my pain with people. Thank you for the platform. Hoping it touches someone else’s heart that went through the same knowing that they not alone.
Abukwe Vatsha

Thanks for the article, receiving such great feedback.
Pamela Mkhize

Thank you so much. Feels amazing to share my story. It’s already got such positive and encouraging responses from my friends on Facebook. Thank you for creating a safe space to explore all it means to be a parent. It’s a wonderful site!
Heather Lind

Great website by the way!
Commitment Promotions

I’m really enjoying the content you are sharing on the platform and being a part of your influencer team!
Aisha O’Reilly (Aisha & Life)

That’s what I like about BabyYumYum’s articles. They are not the usual “you have to breastfeed or you’re terrible” propaganda most people post. If you read the article (Is the sugar in formula safe for my baby?) it isn’t a judgement article at all, nor does it condemn formula (I myself was forced to use it for similar reasons to you). It is merely an article explaining how to choose the best formula for your baby as some are better than others. Allergies do introduce a whole new dynamic though and so definitely play a role in the choice (or lack of choice). Fed is definitely always best!
Michelle Oosthuizen (Facebook follower)

BabyYumYum did a good job with our campaign on Facebook. They are reliable, efficient and well-informed. The campaign was a success and the overwhelming response exceeded our expectations.
Pandora Bra Studio

It really is such a lovely site (with impressive growth!) so it must be a whole lot of fun working on something (new) like this.
PR Aficionado – urban espresso

Hi team. I’d like to thank you. You’re such an amazing team. My child is even eating amasi now all thanks to you. He used to vomit when he ate amasi, but now he eats it without vomiting. I don’t know what I’d have done if it wasn’t for your help. I don’t have even the words to thank you! He is really doing well, all thanks to your advice to switch to Novalac.
Angie KhosiDiva Zulu Madlose (Facebook follower)