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Most of us grew up in a household where spanking was the main form of discipline and we turned out fairly okay – this term being used very loosely. In 2017, the Gauteng High Court ruled that the common law defence of reasonable chastisement is not in line with the...
At the moment, in South Africa, parents are allowed to spank their children as long as it falls under ‘reasonable chastisement’ therefore justifying corporal punishment in the home. At the end of 2018, the Constitutional Court considered whether this ‘reasonable chastisement’ was, in fact, permissible and looked to in...
One of the more frustrating assumptions in the mix of modern parenting advice is the “tabula rasa” idea that all kids are born as identical clean slates. I suspect the increase in this attitude is partly due to the loss of large families. With the total fertility rate in Australia...