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The first time we took to the seas with the family, we had a toddler and an infant. It was chaos! Long boarding queues, potty trips during dinner time, getting lost on the ship, tantrum fits in the buffet line, and mad dashes along corridors that could rival Hollywood...
medical travel kit
How is it that kids always manage to get sick in time for the holidays? This can be especially stressful if you’re travelling to an area that has poor health infrastructure. With the school holidays just a few short weeks away, what fundamentals are necessary for a medical travel kit?   ...
happy family taking a selfie on the bonnet of a car before they go on their road trip with their children
I noticed some unavoidable issues that come up with every trip we take. Whether by car or plane, the following five things always find a way to mess with our trip. Your route has been carefully planned, the kids are strapped in, but something is keeping you from getting into...