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If it’s your year of more sustainable living, or if you want to live a little more ethically by not using products that have been tested on animals, then we have you covered with a list of cruelty-free beauty brands made in South Africa.

There are some outstanding local, beautiful skincare and cruelty-free makeup brands in South Africa that don’t test on animals. So if you’re looking for a gentler and more compassionate way to live, then there’s not really a great excuse not to switch over. 

As with anything, even small shifts can help. If you can’t let go of your favourite red lipstick from a brand that tests on animals, perhaps you can move to one of these cruelty-free brands in South Africa that are more ethical.

Important notes for skincare and vegan makeup in South Africa

It’s important to note that even if products aren’t technically tested on animals in South Africa, they won’t be deemed cruelty-free if they are available in China. Currently, the Chinese government requires animal testing on all imported cosmetics and special use cosmetics, regardless of where they were produced.

It’s also worth noting that vegan products are different to cruelty-free products. Cruelty-free means the products haven’t been tested on animals, while vegan means that the product does not have animal-derived ingredients.

Cruelty-free skincare in South Africa

Ditching your animal-tested products has never been easier. There’s a wonderful range of products that offer effective formulas and results. 

Discover a range of skincare and vegan cosmetics in South Africa that are both nourishing and cruelty-free, as well as some exceptional products that won’t break the bank.

African Extracts

African Extracts 3 step everyday starter kit

A range of cruelty-free skincare products made from a bio-active rooibos extract. African Extracts offer skincare skins that include moisturizers, cleansers and day creams – so you can shop for your products in one place. Visit


Africology skincare product

If you can’t get to a spa, then simply get something from Africology – it feels wonderful and indulgent using their skincare, body and fragrance products. You can also find cruelty-free sunscreen in South Africa on their site. Visit

Aloe Unique

Aloe Unique skincare product

These products contain Aloe ferox, which is said to be great for caring for the skin because it’s been proven to penetrate the skin to the deepest layer. Visit


Bio Oil body oil

We can claim this award-winning tissue oil as our own, and it’s so good, it’s a hit all around the world too. Visit

Charlotte Rhys

Charlotte Rhys hand and body lotion

You’ll often find Charlotte Rhys products in five-star hotels, they’re that good. The range includes bath and body products, and some lovely fragrances and candles. Visit


Cruelty-free skincare range from Environ

An award-winning skincare brand that’s also a favourite export, and which has some excellent anti-ageing products. Visit for Environ cruelty-free products.


Esse skincare toner that is cruelty free

A probiotic skincare range with great proven benefits, including anti-ageing (yes please!). Visit for one of the best cruelty-free brands in South Africa.

Hey Gorgeous

Hey Gorgeous body scrub bliss

We would buy these products for their packaging alone, but they get rave reviews too for their wide variety, and products “that work”. Visit

InstrinsiCurly Me

IntrinsCurly Me curl cream anti-frizz enhancer

Do you have curly or wavy hair? This is the most wonderful and moisturising range of vegan hair products in South Africa – for more good hair days. Visit


Lamelle clarity treatment pack

Prescribed by dermatologists and cosmetic doctors, Lamelle has hard-working products, many with proven beneficial active ingredients. Visit

Lula Fox

Lula Fox ecolux makeup that is cruelty free

This range of gorgeous makeup calls itself “ecolux” – eco because it’s not tested on animals and is made from natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients, and lux because it’s on par with mainstream makeup ranges but without the toxic ingredients and preservatives. Visit

Lulu & Marula

Lulu and Marula balancing cleansing balm

A gorgeous-smelling skin and body care range. If you start with anything, make it the Balancing Cleansing Balm. Visit


Oh Lief natural olive tummy wax

A great range of Certified Natural & Organic baby, body and sun care products (good luck with trying to choose just one item!). Visit


OPTIPHI facial range that is not tested on animals

A splurge range of scientifically developed skincare products suited to a wide range of skin types and ages. Visit

Rain Africa

RAIN created for living bath salts

Luxe handmade and gorgeous-smelling bath and body products using natural ingredients with African botanical actives. On top of their bath products, their cruelty-free shampoo in South Africa brings out your hair’s natural strength and shine. Visit

Skin Creamery

Skin Creamery cruelty free skincare range

There are only six skincare products in this range, but it’s quality over quantity here, and each one is a great to-have. Visit for vegan skincare in South Africa.


Skoon glowdrops for dewy look from concentrate

Natural skincare products for all types of skins – the Ruby Marine Hydrating Mask is sensational. Visit


Sorbet balancing hand and nail cream

As such an iconic and well-established South African brand, many asked the questions: is sorbet cruelty-free? Good news — it is! They offer an affordable and well-loved range of makeup, face and body products available at all Sorbet salons, and Clicks stores. Visit

Woolworths Private Label and Cosmetics

Woolworths cruelty free body and skin range

Just as we love their food, we’re also fans of Woolworths’ own body care, fragrance and makeup products, which always make for great gifts too. Visit for spectacular products only found in South Africa.

Beauty without cruelty in South Africa

These South African makeup brands and beauty without cruelty skincare products prove to be just as magical as your common animal-tested ones. Whether you’re looking for a serum to make your skin bright and glowy or a luscious natural hair product, there’s always the option of sourcing a kind-to-the-planet brand.