Smarty-pants with the smart stages tablet

My two-year-old is obsessed with her new Smart Stages Tablet from Fisher-Price. This has been a great diversion and has saved us many tears when I try and tear her away from my iPad.

Packed in a board box with bright, attractive colours, the tablet was clearly visible and also allowed for you to trial the item before you buy it. It was also easy to release from the packaging by twisting the safety secure tags at the back. This means no scissors required or little plastic bits and bobs floating around.

Features include:

  1. You can adjust the sound, which is very important in a house with other siblings or when sitting in the salon while mommy is having her nails done.
  2. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or wet wipe after sticky fingers or the family dog’s tongue have been all over it.
  3. It actually looks like an iPad Mini, which is very comfortable for little hands to hold and makes her feel rather important.
  4. The battery lasts long and, in line with safety standards, can only be inserted or taken out by unscrewing the battery compartment.
  5. It is robust and made from durable materials, so it can withstand a beating or two.

fisher=price smart stages tablet

The tablet, as with many of the other Fisher-Price smart stages toys has three stages to grow with your child and develop their language and speech skills. Each stage offers different sounds and songs to ensure longevity and keep a child’s interest for longer periods.
Level 1: Let’s have some fun, e.g.: A
Level 2: Let’s learn something new, e.g.: Apple
Level 3: Let’s pretend, e.g.: the sound of an apple crunching

The product is easily available from most baby and toy stores with a recommended selling price of R399.99. This was money well spent with excellent value and I will definitely keep it for my children’s children one day – even though it may be Fisher-Price “vintage” item by then.

Amanda Rogaly is the Founder and Chief Mommy of #1ParentingPortal, BabyYumYum. She is passionate about empowering parenting, leveraging her own parenting journey to educate and inspire others. She was inspired to create BabyYumYum for real parents who understand the stresses and challenges of life.