Schools and universities are in good hands with Momentum Wellness’ Return to School Screening and Support

There is apprehension across the country about schools and universities reopening at the start of lockdown alert level 3, particularly given the continuing rise in COVID-19 infections country-wide.

Understanding the need to protect the health of our youth, Momentum Wellness has developed a cost-effective solution that will help with ensuring that the spread of the virus is contained at schools and universities. The Return-to-School Screening and Support offering is designed to conduct daily digital screening of learners and educators as well as the capturing of data. It is fully supported with telephonic medical advice, counselling and online resources.

As South Africa prepares to welcome a portion of its learners back to school during alert level 3, the Department of Education requires every school and university to record daily screening and attendance of all people entering a school premises. “We understand parents’ concerns in sending their children back to school and as such, have designed a solution that encompasses the most stringent of safety protocols using advanced technology solutions in the fight against COVID-19 in schools and universities across South Africa,” says Damian McHugh, Health Executive at Momentum Health Solutions.

Before returning to school, learners, parents, teachers and staff are required to complete a digital screening survey via WhatsApp, USSD or online to identify possible symptoms of COVID-19 and other vulnerabilities.

“Once a person has been identified as ‘no risk’, they receive a digital QR code passport to scan at the schools’ point of entry. Should a person be identified as high risk, they are referred to the school’s managing representative for further guidance and immediately referred to their GP, or to Momentum’s Hello Doctor portal, our telehealth capability that provides access to doctors anytime (24/7) and free of charge to all South Africans, for medical advice,” explains McHugh.

Furthermore, the solution provides real-time data on a web portal that can help government with the reporting of cases as well as with the analysis of the spread of the virus in specific schools and regions in order to help review and strengthen health and safety measures for those environments.

Momentum Wellness’ Return-to-School offering is designed to ensure the highest levels of safety for students, teachers and staff in a time when South Africa faces an unprecedented health crisis. “South African corporates need to work together to institute robust solutions that can protect the most vulnerable people within our communities. By leveraging the power of technology and coming together, we can all play our part in ensuring the safety of every South African,” concludes McHugh.

MomentumWellness COVID-19 Return to School

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