father and baby: Restoring your child's gut health during antibiotic treatment

Antibiotics are so useful in treating serious bacterial infections, but it can play havoc with your child’s tummy. The reason? It doesn’t only kill the bad bacteria in your child’s system – it can destroy a lot of the good bacteria as well.3

Not many people know this, but the micro-organisms in your child’s gut can take up to four years to return to normal after he or she has been on antibiotics.2

The side effects of antibiotics in kids

While antibiotics are extremely effective in combating infectious diseases in children, using them can cause tummy upsets, which can include diarrhoea, stomach pain, bloating, vomiting and nausea.3,4,5

enterogermina bannerBuy Now From Dis-Chem buttonWhen a GP prescribes antibiotics for your child, remember to ask about what you can do to prevent the problems mentioned above. Remember to ask about Enterogermina®, which contains the bacterium Bacillus clausii, which will help to restore the balance in your child’s gut after a course of antibiotics.

The possible impact of gut imbalance on your child’s health6

â—Ź Constipation can put strain on your child’s liver.
â—Ź If your child is still young, gut imbalance can increase the risk of gut-related allergies with which many parents are familiar. These include asthma and eczema.
â—Ź Gut imbalance can have far-reaching effects and can even lead to poor mental performance and health in your child.
â—Ź It can prevent your child’s immune system from being able to fight off infections effectively.

enterogermina: Restoring your child's gut health during antibiotic treatment

Why choose Enterogermina®?

â—Ź Enterogermina®, the world’s #1 over-the-counter probiotic for digestive upsets in kids, works in harmony with your child’s body to restore and maintain a healthy gut.

● It helps maintain, restore and protect this balance of the microbiota in the gut. With Enterogermina®, your child can get gentle relief from digestive upsets and the symptoms that come with it.

â—Ź It contains the bacterium Bacillus clausii that survives the journey through your child’s digestive tract. This bacterium is not destroyed or weakened by stomach acids.7

● Enterogermina® is not destroyed by antibiotics your child may be taking.8

● Enterogermina® only has to be given once a day in liquid form, so no struggling to get your child to swallow or chew tablets.

● Enterogermina® has no taste, or smell, and contains no sugar, lactose, gluten or preservatives, so your child is unlikely to pull a face or refuse to take the medication.

enterogermina: Restoring your child's gut health during antibiotic treatmentBuy Now From Takealot buttonReferences:

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