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How to ditch mom guilt

Feeling guilty as a parent? Here’s what you need to know

It’s the guilty secret many parents are reluctant to admit aloud: no matter how much you love your kids, being a parent can make you...
Mom writes about teething baby

We need to talk – about teething

“We need to talk”. Commonly held as the most terrifying phrase in the English language. Of course, in recent times, it has been replaced...
Top educational apps for kids

The best toddler & pre-schooler educational apps to download now

We love entertainment that’s educational, and have rounded up some fantastic learning apps for your toddlers and pre-schoolers. Early Is Best This series of apps includes...
Jessica Baxter finds gratitude during coronavirus

“I’ve lost my job but I’ve gained perspective and appreciation” 

I’ve just turned off the news and have this heavy feeling weighing on me. My old friend Anxiety is back. I’m pretty sure she’s...
Spelling of meningitis with medicine and stethoscope

What is meningitis & how you can protect your child

I have given my talk on vaccinations on a number of occasions. One of the points I used to make was that “we are...
Doctor checking pregnant woman's belly with stethoscope

“I’m having a baby in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic”

Imagine having a baby and your husband is only allowed there for the delivery, after which you aren’t allowed any visitors. Imagine your family...
Girl toddler caught in the Tupperware cupboard

“Talking to my plants & other things I do during lockdown”

Day 375 of lockdown: My psychiatrist assures me that talking to my pot plants is fine. I only have to worry when they start...
Pregnant lady lying on bed safe from COVID-19

Being pregnant during the coronavirus: all your questions answered

With every passing day, we are bombarded with information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) – and we aren’t always certain what is fact and what...
Slytherin Baby grabbing other baby's face

Leaning into life

“Slytherin Baby has discovered boys,” I informed Himself. Himself whipped his head around. “Do I need to get involved and do some protecting?” “On one hand,...
Pink and purple illustration of working mom

Hey, working mom … we see you!

Here’s the thing about this post: my wife will probably never read it. Now, before you judge her too quickly, it’s not because she’s...