Princess dreams & unicorn themes

One of 2017’s major trends in pop culture was the unicorn. From make-up ranges to children’s birthday parties, unicorns seemed to pop up everywhere! Without question, the trend of unicorns has spilled over into 2018 and works as a beautiful theme for your girl child, baby or older.

Though the pop culture unicorn may lose steam as the year progresses, we cannot deny that this mythical creature has enchanted young girls for centuries. As such, it is a timeless bedroom décor option that offers plenty room for imagination and fantasy – and is perfect for a girly-girl.

The unicorn concept

Unicorn themes in terms of the pop culture trend does not necessarily refer to an item with an obvious depiction of an actual unicorn. The theme relates generally to pastel-coloured items with a hint of sparkle. Muted rainbows are also a feature.

Translating the theme into a bedroom

The theme can be subtly introduced by including bed spreads and curtains in complementary pastel colours. Match the colour of a mosquito net to the bedspread to give your little girl’s bedroom the “princess touch.”
Hint: Mosquito nets draped over a bed allude to numerous illustrations of bedrooms from children’s storybooks.

Ditch the kitsch

To effectively translate the unicorn theme into the bedroom, some form of sparkle is almost essential. However, err on the side of caution – you don’t want a bedroom to look like a glitter explosion! Glitter should be incorporated in a few tasteful accents such as scatter cushions or custom glitter door knobs. Small, sparkly trinkets such as pencil jars and photo frames can be strategically placed around the room to enhance the glitter motif without compromising the softness of the overall look.


If you would like to go the extra mile, choose a pastel-coloured globe to place in her nightlight to add a soft, magical ambience to the bedroom at night time. Alternatively, place fairy lights above the headboard.

Wall murals

If you would like to be a little bolder with the unicorn theme, a wall mural may do just the trick. You could opt for a mural depicting a unicorn, or an ombre feature wall in the colours of a soft rainbow sunset. Match the colour of a mosquito net to the bedspread to give your little girl’s bedroom the “princess touch”.
Hint: If you decide on a feature wall for the bedroom, keep all other elements muted so as not to compete with the overall impact provided by the wall.


In fairytales, unicorns typically reside in enchanted forests. Use floral-scented diffusers or room sprays to engage the sense of smell and transport your daughter to her mystical wonderland.

Done tastefully, the softness and overall beauty of a unicorn bedroom is sure to appeal to any little girl who enjoys stories of wonder, magic and adventure.

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