Pregnancy at 15 weeks

You’re likely still feeling better and more energetic than you did in your first trimester, and your little one is the size of a pear!

You may not have an obvious bump yet, especially if this is your first pregnancy, but soon your uterus will outgrow your pelvis and start to push upwards. You may be experiencing a few new symptoms such as gas, swollen gums, nosebleeds and shortness of breath.  

Your baby at 15 weeks

Your little one is around 70.8g and 10cm, and they are busy moving their arms and legs, though you likely won’t feel movement yet as they’re still so small. Their legs are growing longer than their arms, and their taste buds are starting to develop.

Your baby is also practising their sucking, breathing and swallowing motions, and you’ll likely be able to tell now whether you’re having a boy or a girl.

Your body at 15 weeks

Here’s what you might be experiencing:

  • Nosebleeds, as a result of increased blood volume.
  • Increased sex drive
  • Gas and heartburn, as a result of the hormones
  • Swollen gums
  • Round ligament pain, which is mild pain on the lower sides of your belly
  • Occasional headaches
  • Pregnancy brain – yes, this is a real thing, and it’s been shown that brain-cell volume decreases during pregnancy.

Pregnancy at 15 weeks

Taking care of yourself during this time

  • Try to maintain a healthy and balanced diet where you can, but don’t deprive yourself either.
  • Exercise regularly – choose something you love doing the most.
  • Try to control your stress levels at this time. If you can eliminate areas of stress, then that’s a good start. If you’re battling a bit, it might be worthwhile chatting to a professional who will be able to help.
  • Be kind to yourself! You’re going through lots of physical changes and you might be anxious too. Try to get me-time where you can and indulge in things that make you happy.
  • Your clothes might be getting a bit tight, so now’s a good time to get some maternity clothes, especially pants.

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