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Next Biosciences is a leading South African biotech company which combines medicine, science and technology to invest in innovative health technologies with the core focus being to enable people to positively impact their health with science. Next Biosciences offers an Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Banking service, known as Netcells.

Netcells Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Banking, a product offered by Next Biosciences, is the only internationally accredited South African laboratory who is Discovery’s preferred provider, giving you the ultimate reassurance since 2005. Netcells is the brand you can trust with your baby’s future health.

Next Biosciences offers expectant parents the opportunity to collect and store the umbilical
cord blood and tissue at the birth of their baby. Umbilical cord blood stem cells are an alternative source of stem cells for the regeneration of damaged bone marrow, due to disease or medication.

The stem cells found in your baby’s umbilical cord blood is rich in blood-forming stem cells, which can help to treat over 80 blood-related diseases; such as leukaemia and sickle cell anaemia. To date there have been over 40 000 cord blood stem cell transplants.

Bank your baby’s stem cells with Netcells by the midnight on 27th May and receive a R1,000 Baby City Gift Voucher.

Be sure to use the following promo code when completing your registration online: BYY2022

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