Lily Rose Collection personality quiz

Do you have a bubbly personality and a wicked sense of humour? Or are you a typical romantic who wears her heart on her sleeve? Everyone has a Lily Rose Collection bag that fits their personality – answer the questions below to find your perfect handbag!

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Personality quiz: which Lily Rose Collection bag are you?
You’re a Lily Rose Collection Passion bag

Lily Rose Collection Passion bag

You’re a typical romantic who follows her heart, but you never forget to use your head. You’re loyal, always see the best in people and are easy to get along with. Romance and connecting with your partner are high on your priority list and your idea of the perfect date night involves a swish hotel, red roses and lingerie. Ooh la la!
You’re a Lily Rose Collection Stability bag

You’re confident and grounded – you’re the one all your friends come to for advice. You’re hard working, thrive under pressure and absolutely nothing rattles you. You love the outdoors and use nature to recharge your batteries, but you’re a homebody at heart and love nothing more than spending an afternoon curled up with a feel-good read.
You’re a Lily Rose Collection Tranquility bag

You’re typically happy to go with the flow, but that doesn’t mean you’re a pushover – you have strong opinions and aren’t afraid to share them… in a very diplomatic way, of course! Friends admire your honesty and others are naturally drawn to your calm energy.
You’re a Lily Rose Collection Tenderness bag

Lily Rose Collection Tenderness bag

You’re smart, practical and great to have around in a crisis – in fact, you’re one of the most popular class moms at the school! People admire you for your big heart, bubbly personality and wicked sense of humour. While you enjoy trying new things and meeting people, you are just as happy staying home watching animated movies with the kids.
You’re a Lily Rose Collection Abundance bag

Lily Rose Collection Abundance bag

You’re charming, charismatic and always up for an adventure, friends would describe you as the life of the party. You know what you want out of life and aren’t afraid to dream big – you’re a woman who makes things happen, and you make it look effortless.