How to shop smartly for yourself and your kids

Imagine you could finally shop for all those items sitting in your online shopping carts. Imagine not having to wait until payday to get your little one a great toy, or buy yourself some new shoes. Imagine buying your kids winter clothing now, and paying for it over a few paydays, without having to spend a cent more in fees or interest?

How can you get things now, and pay over a few weeks? With Payflex, a payment revolution that has taken the world by storm, and serves millions of customers and thousands of merchants worldwide.

The Payflex payment innovation lets you pay for your basket in four equal part-payments over six weeks at no additional cost. It’s South Africa’s first truly zero-interest, zero-fee solution with no hidden costs. This means you can get what you want today, pay over a few weeks, and avoid unnecessary and costly debt.

Online shopping with Payflex
Online shopping with Payflex

There are more than 400 Payflex merchants to shop at today, with tens more being added each month, so there is no shortage of choice. You don’t need to wait until the item is fully paid up –  get it today when the order is placed and you’ve made your first payment… because who wants to wait for the baby carrier, Cotton On clothes, and crafts and toys, right?

Payflex payment solution

The shops include a growing list of exciting retail stores such as Superbalist, ShooShoos, Ubuntu Baba, Noonoo Pie, Little B and Me, Eye Love Kids Clothing and Cloud & Co. There’s also Incredible Connection and Shesha, and a huge range of clothing, jewellery, gift, fitness, kitchenware, pet and beauty stores. You can check out the full list of stores that offer Payflex here: Payflex Store Directory.

If you sign up with Payflex today, you even get a R25 gift voucher!

When buying online, you can look for the “Payflex” symbol at checkout. After a simple registration process that takes no more than 4 minutes and requires no documentation, you can choose to pay-later over 6-weeks at no additional cost or to pay-now in full upfront – whatever best suits your needs. Payflex accepts all credit and debit cards for payment, and once registered, Payflex customers can check out with “one-click” for a hassle-free experience.

For more information and to see the full list of online stores, go to

Online shopping with Payflex
Online shopping with Payflex



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