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swaddling a baby

How to swaddle your newborn baby

There is more to swaddling than just wrapping your newborn baby in a blanket. It mimics the womb, comforts and protects your baby from...
fussy baby crying

Parenting a fussy baby

By Anonymous. You will face many challenges during the first few months after having given birth but dealing with a fussy, inconsolable baby has got...
baby with diarrhoea having a nappy change-min

What to do when your baby has diarrhoea

When my little one had diarrhoea, I don’t know what I dreaded more: the thought of changing the soggy mess in the nappy or...
vitamins during breastfeeding

Important nutrients during breastfeeding

Just as your baby’s nutrition is important, so is your own diet. Eating well during breastfeeding will help you meet your need for extra...
mother breastfeeding her baby

Q&A: A healthy diet for breastfeeding

Every breastfeeding mother has questions about what she can or cannot consume and how this will affect the quality of her milk. Of course,...
crib that could potentially cause brain damage with teddies hanging over it-min

Do cribs cause brain damage?

By Celeste Rushby, parenting coach and occupational therapist. Articles that are written on these topics can often be disturbing due to misconstrued information that is offered...
white suppository for baby consitpation-min

Well-known remedies for your baby’s constipation

After checking that it isn’t your baby’s diet that’s causing their constipation, try the following remedies before heading to the doctor’s office. Glycerine suppositories or...
baby bottle with powdered milk or baby formula

What is a cow’s milk protein allergy?

The incidence of food allergy is very low in breastfed infants compared with formula‑fed infants. Once cow’s milk proteins are introduced to a baby, in...
happy family taking a selfie on the bonnet of a car before they go on their road trip with their children

Road-tripping with young children

I noticed some unavoidable issues that come up with every trip we take. Whether by car or plane, the following five things always find...
pregnant lady eating healthy fruit salad

Laying nutritional foundations

By Kath Megaw, clinical dietitian and founder of Nutripaeds. Recently attending an international breastfeeding conference in France, I was once again awed by nature’s amazing...