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spoon with baby formula and bottle for formula feeding

Formula feeding: Best types of baby formula in South Africa

While “breast is best”, there are times when a mommy cannot breastfeed her little one for various reasons. When you have to turn to formula...
formula feeding aisle in supermarket

Why is formula feeding a baby so confusing?

Being a second-time mom, you’d think that you could just follow the same recipe that you used for your first. The same clothes, the...
bottled water to be mixed with infant formula

Can you use bottled water to mix baby formula?

One of the reasons why formula feeding is not encouraged is due to the high rate of sickness due to incorrectly mixed formula, the...
infant formula with spoon

How is formula made?

Have you ever taken a moment to consider how infant formula is made and the quality control involved? Is there more to it than...
kosher halaal formula

Kosher and halaal infant formula

For both the Jewish and Muslim faiths, there is no separation between the concept of worship and the mundane contexts of everyday life. And...
baby with colic crying

Best formula and remedies for colicky babies in South Africa

Would you believe that around 40% of infants aged from two weeks to three months are affected by colic? Even though infants who suffer...
baby formula history of formula

The history of formula

Whether because of personal choice or necessity, there are many reasons a mother may choose to formula-feed her baby – but have you ever thought...
donor breast milk in bag in fridge-min

Donor breast milk or formula feeding? Information is your key to informed choices

Many women in developed countries like the US find that despite their best efforts, they are unable to exclusively breastfeed due to supply problems...
baby crying due to constipation mom giving him bottle with formula or milk

Formula can help ease your baby’s constipation

Having a little one with constipation can make you feel really helpless. Not only do you hate to see your baby cramping or unable...
baby formula

What not to say to a formula-feeding mother

I didn’t plan on formula feeding. I was completely gung-ho about breastfeeding for the first year because we’re advised that “breast is best” and formula...