The OCD and paranoia of taking a baby’s temperature in the “olden days” (circa 1714-2016)

A brand new parent has many fears and nightmares. One of the concerns is that the bath water for their baby is too hot when they bring baby home and the worst nightmare for all parents is when their baby is sick and they are not sure if a slight temperature warrants a trip to the doctor/caregiver/paed/granny/homeopath/midwife or whomever you trust to diagnose your baby.

That feeling of uncertainty, which is compounded by baby screaming, crying and/or vomiting in the middle of the night brings many moms to tears,  in panic and empathy for their baby.

Step in NUK!!!

Being such a momcentric brand NUK has thought of everything and have now introduced a 2 in 1 baby thermometer.

Why 2 in 1? It is able to take temperature in the ear or at the temple using its infrared technology. This makes taking the temperature of your sleeping baby a piece of cake without waking them to insert a thermometer in some scary place. What I love most about this thermometer is that it is able to take the surface temperature of babies food, room temperature and bath water (helping you get over your bath water fear) with the simple push of a button to change the mode and clear indication on the display screen.

I wanted to be sure that the readings were correct and accurate, so I opted to take my own temperature using the thermometer in my ear (three times just to check that the reading was the same and alleviate my OCD tendencies) and then comparing it to a normal old-fashioned thermometer, which had been in my mouth and ‘voila’ the reading was the same.

When using the old fashioned mercury thermometer I wondered why anyone would still want to use this method as it takes longer to get a reading, it is not so hygienic (OCD thought again),  even worse damaging your babies rectum (yikes – paranoia creeping in) and there is always the small but very possible chance of it breaking and leaking mercury (or whatever the new replacement in it is) into your entire system doing terrible things to you or it even getting lost in the depths of the mommy/nappy bag and never seeing daylight again until stood on or being slammed in the door and breaking all over everything! #truestory 


Some of the other features that I love are:

  • It looks very sleek and modern.
  • It is small enough to fit in your handbag.
  • When scanning you hear a little beep that tells you when it is working as well and when it has taken the reading.
  • The batteries are easily available.


In order to minimise the chaos that is created when you have a baby, I would strongly recommend buying this unit prior to the birth of your baby so that when the moments arise and you need the clarity to alleviate your paranoia, you have it ready and on hand to be supermom and make an informed decision thanks to the use of this excellent gadget on how to better assist your little one.

This great product is readily available at Baby City for just R659.99!