updo styling ideas for natural hair

Whoever said that natural hair isn’t versatile, hasn’t seen my 30 Days, 30 Updos challenge. For 30 days, I wore my natural, kinky hair in 30 different updos and I documented those styles on my blog and YouTube video tutorials.

If you’re still wondering how you can style your natural hair for a date, important work meeting or a special occasion, here are 7 different ways you can wear your natural hair.

Natural hair updo day 1

natural hair updo look 1anatural hair look 1b

Natural hair updo day 2

natural hair updo look 2anatural updo look 2b

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Natural hair updo day 3

natural hair updo look 3anatural hair updo look 3b

Natural hair updo day 4

natural hair updo look 4anatural hair updo look 4b

Natural hair updo day 5

natural hair updo look 5anatural hair updo look 5b

Natural hair updo day 6

natural hair updo look 6anatural hair updo look 6c

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Natural hair updo day 7

natural hair updo look 7anatural hair updo look 7b

And there you go, seven natural hair styles you can wear now. They’re simple and easy to do. Want more inspiration? Watch my style tutorials to see how to do all 30 of them.

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