My most precious gift came at great personal cost

Olivia* fell pregnant after just two months of dating her boyfriend. She was unemployed at the time and the uncertainty of being in a relationship with someone she didn’t really know well, along with not have a steady income, led her to consider abortion.

My boyfriend was against abortion, but I was adamant that it was my body and therefore my decision. After a couple of weeks of going back and forth about the decision, I finally booked a visit to the doctor. They did a scan to determine how far along I was and it was then that the doctor confirmed that I was indeed pregnant – with twins! My whole world changed in that moment and I decided that abortion was no longer an option.

“These were the happiest moments of my life, but my joy was short lived.”

My boyfriend and I walked out of the doctor’s office hand in hand, determined to make the best of the pregnancy. The following nine months were the most beautiful and tiring months of my life. I carried my babies to term and, on 28 April 2018, I went into theatre to give birth to my boys. These were the happiest moments of my life, but my joy was short lived.

Minutes after I was stitched back up and held my babies in my arms, I felt the most excruciating pain. I was bleeding profusely and, as the doctors hovered over me, I could see the panic in their eyes before I passed out. Two days later I woke up in ICU where a doctor came to me and told me what had happened. I had bled out and they had had to remove my womb in a hysterectomy to stop me from dying from blood loss.

And just like that, the most important and precious days of my life also became the most painful. At 23, I was told I could never have any more children and while I had to process that loss, I was so thankful to God to have been blessed with my two healthy baby boys.

*Not her real name

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