Tone down the nursery with monochrome

If you’ve decided to go for a gender-neutral nursery, a black-and-white colour scheme is a fantastic option. Not only will this work for boys and girls, but science has revealed that a monochrome colour scheme provides the best form of visual stimulation for newborns.

Black and white is good for the brain

During the first three months of life, babies see only in shades of black, white and grey. Shades of black and white send strong signals to your baby’s brain, which can help stimulate brain growth and assist in visual development. Creating a monochromatic nursery does not have to be a bland venture. In fact, there are a variety of interesting prints and patterns that can be incorporated.

“Shades of black and white send strong signals to your baby’s brain, which can help stimulate brain growth and assist in visual development.”

101 Dalmatians

Black polka dots can add a lovely accent; however, you could take this idea a step further by utilising a theme such as the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians. Who could forget those adorable pups? You don’t have to become Cruella de Vil and splash dalmatian spots throughout the entire nursery. A few tasteful accents such as a blanket or a feature wall will do the job.

101 dalmatians monochrome nursery

Wall decals

Wall decals easy to apply and easy to remove, so you can incorporate this option if you intend to experiment or change up the patterns every so often. You could select geometric shapes like circles and triangles, or you could have large decals made with your little one’s name for added personalisation. Similarly, you can bring in stripes by means of large wall decals instead of paint.

wall decals for a monochrome nursery

Beware of black

Black should be used in small doses in a nursery, as it can be extremely overpowering if not used with caution. Use black as an accent alongside the softer greys and whites. If clinical white is just a little too much for you, you could opt for an off-white shade of cream.

black and white monochrome nursery

Other benefits of black and white

As your baby gets older, pops of colour can be seamlessly incorporated into this colour scheme. Similarly, as your baby becomes a child and develops their own colour preferences, these can easy be thrown into the mix.

other benefits of black and white in monochrome nursery

In this sense, a monochromatic nursery is a clean and safe start to your child’s space. Remember that not all girls like pink and not all boys like blue. A neutral or monochromatic backdrop enables your child to freely and stylishly select colour accents they would like in their bedrooms as they get older.

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