Momentum Health Solutions and BabyYumYum launch innovative maternity benefit

Momentum and BabyYumYum maternity benefits

Momentum Health Solutions, in partnership with South Africa’s leading parenting portal, BabyYumYum, will offer new moms benefits ranging from nurse visits at home to relevant and current parenting information, a meal delivered to the family on their first night home from hospital, and a designer nappy bag filled with pampering products for mom and baby.

Other innovative features that form part of the enhanced maternity benefits available to Momentum Health and Momentum Health4Me members include the choice of vaccinations done at home and 24/7 advice.

The maternity benefits programme enhancements come as a result of months of research into what new moms need and want after the birth of their child. In a survey with the BabyYumYum community of more than 150 000 followers, 80% of the respondents said they wanted their medical aid to provide homecare visits from midwives, support for fathers, at-home vaccinations, access to 24-hour support, and credible postnatal information.

“We listened to our community and worked with Momentum Health Solutions to give new moms some pampering, but more importantly, much-needed support and care,” says Amanda Rogaly, founder of BabyYumYum.

“More than just providing new moms with online literature that they might not have time to read, or a maternity bag full of the same countless product samples, BabyYumYum has turned the typical maternity offering on its head, with a fresh and much-needed millennial approach,” explains Rogaly.

“We believe that through these benefits, a new mom will be better equipped emotionally to take care of herself and a newborn. Moms often leave the hospital with the expectation that they know what to do and how to care for a new baby, but many times they’re overwhelmed and scared, and lacking the confidence to parent.

“This programme will address the loneliness and confusion a new mom might feel, and help her find her way. We believe that with a support structure like this, we’re checking and contributing to a mom and baby’s health and wellness. Importantly too, we’re looking for early signs of postnatal depression, and will offer intervention and care if necessary,” says Rogaly.

The maternity programme provides the following benefits, based on the specific option selected by the member:

  • Support from a midwife at home to assist with bathing, swaddling, latching and feeding. Home visits on day two, week two, and six weeks after
  • Home vaccinations up to six weeks as per the EPI schedule
  • Access to current and credible information on all topics relating to parenthood
  • A designer nappy bag, packed with essentials for mom and baby
  • A meal delivery voucher for the family on their first night home, allowing them to settle in and focus on their family.

Momentum Health Solutions is excited to partner with BabyYumYum to provide comprehensive pre- and postnatal support to new parents on our qualifying options. Damian McHugh, Head of Marketing at Momentum Health Solutions, says: “We believe that it is our responsibility to take care of our members during this new chapter in their journey to success. We want to empower our members to focus on the adjustment and the well-being of their new baby.”

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