Make your own apple piñata

A piñata (pronounced peen-ya-da) is a party trick that’s meant to be strung up while everyone, blindfolded, has a chance to swing away at it with a bat until it breaks and releases all its sweetie goodness spills out. This DIY piñata is made in the shape of an apple, perfect for both boys and girls.
Making a piñata can be a fun arts and crafts activity to do with your child for an upcoming birthday party or during the holidays. It’s relatively inexpensive to make and can bring with it loads of fun.

You will need:

apple pinata you will needLarge empty cereal box
Red tissue paper
Green paper
Masking tape
White craft glue
Sweets for stuffing
Plastic baseball bat or stick

How to make it:

apple pinata step 11. Flatten your cereal box and cut an apple shape out of one side of the cardboard. Trace it on the other side and cut out. You will now have two apple shapes. With the leftover cardboard, cut out a stem shape and a few wide strips that will form the sides of the piñata. Take your green paper and cut out a leaf shape.

“Making a piñata is relatively inexpensive to make and can bring with it loads of fun.”

apple pinata step 22. Cut strips out of your red tissue paper and fringe them. These strips will be used to cover your piñata, so measure accordingly.



apple pinata step 33. Using the masking tape, tape your cardboard strips along one of the apple shapes. Attach two strips together to go all the way around the apple. Repeat on the other apple shape forming an enclosed box. Add your sweets inside the enclosed shape before taping up the last sections.


apple pinata step 44. Starting at the base of your apple, glue the strips of red fringe to the cardboard. Ensure that the strips of fringe overlap for a seamless look. Work your way to the top and then begin on the other side. Once your fringing is done, trim off any excess.


apple pinata step 55. Bend the bottom of the stem cutout and use it as a base to glue to the top of your apple. Glue the green leaf onto the stem and voilà, you have a homemade apple piñata!



6. Punch a hole in the stem of the apple to thread a string through. Attach the apple to a tree branch using this string and let the games begin!

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