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Being pregnant is the most beautiful, normal phenomenon in life. The moment you hear the good news you become filled with excitement and fear, and so many questions. Hold your horses before you let anxiety overcome you. It is okay to have thoughts and doubts about your mothering abilities, but don’t allow these to steal the joy of being pregnant.

Once your pregnancy is confirmed by a doctor and that both you and your baby are well, it’s time to address a few lifestyle issues to ensure a healthy, fit pregnancy:

Healthy eating habits

A balanced diet will see you finishing your journey at the highest level of wellness and despite what your family might say, there is no need to eat for two. Regular frequent meals are advised as this tends to reduce overeating which can be followed by massive heartburn and indigestion.

Working out routinely

Exercise will help to reduce fluid retention that’s associated with pregnancy and also prevent excessive weight gain that leads to other diseases. Eating citrus fruits won’t cause heartburn or jaundice; instead, they will improve your iron absorption.

“It is okay to have thoughts and doubts about your mothering abilities, but don’t allow these to steal the joy of being pregnant.”

Rest well

This is especially important during the first trimester when you can fall victim to fatigue. Try to take care with your appearance even though you feel exhausted because when you look good you usually feel good. Most especially, take care of your feet as they have an extra load to carry over the next few months.

You might consider ditching the heels for more stable, comfortable shoes when you near your third trimester as your centre of gravity shifts and you are more likely to slip.

Sexual activity

You can continue your sexual intimacy with your partner, as long as you have consent from your doctor. Your baby is far from the action (tell your partner this if he is worried he will hurt the baby). As your pregnancy progresses, you may have to experiment with comfortable positions.

If you experience any medical concerns such as bleeding or infection at any stage you must consult your doctor. Remember, a happy you can lead to a healthier pregnancy and a beautiful, more fulfilled birth.

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