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Hands up if you have the ability to log on to Instagram and find you’ve magically fast forwarded your afternoon while developing repetitive stress injury in your thumb. Me, too! If you’re looking for some Insta inspiration, check out some of my favourite accounts below – happy scrolling.

Is it art? Is it… edible?


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🎨Put your Monet where your mouth is.🍴#ArtintheEats #Monet #isolationOreoArt

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@tishacherry is a talented artist (and I do mean ‘artist’) and her medium of choice is food – she calls it#ArtInTheEats. Think miniature replicas of famous art pieces like Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus – or sometimes just a scene from Spongebob Squarepants – carefully etched then painted into the filling of Oreos, or a Baby Yoda made from wontons. The detail in her creations is incredible, just check out her Van Gogh and Pennywise likenesses, created entirely from vegetables and pasta.

Your new best friend


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When your week starts to ‘dragon’… #scaretactics

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@squidthegriff is a ridiculously good-looking Brussels Griffon who doesn’t seem at all bothered to be dressed up in pyjamas, gumboots, a fluffy fox onesie or modelling old-school hair curlers. Squid is up for anything, and that deserves a follow in my book! He’s often joined by his equally cute canine brother, Pretzel, and they have their own 2021 calendar coming out… so watch this space.

So stylish


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My fans have been asking me NONSTOP to share my favorite Christmas fashions and I just got the photos back from my photographer so here is a SNEAK PEEK! 🤗 I revolved most of my looks around this custom #NinjabreadMan turtleneck, made for me by my dear friend #AlexanderWang. #LoveHim 😍 With a statement piece like this, you don’t really need much else to stand out, so I just paired this t-neck with a pair of classic #DieselForDad jeans and a chic silver belt buckle. I just LOVE holiday fashion and being able to showcase my designer friends as well. 😎 #DesignerStyle #CustomCouture #FashionBlogger #BodyConfident #TurtleneckTrends #SassyPatterns #CookieFlow #HolidayInspired #BlondeHairDontCare 💁🏼 #FashionDads via @zombiejellyfish500

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You’ll want to check out @fashiondads_ because the cringeworthy outfits featured in the pics are so bad that they’re actually good. Plus, the account has become popular enough to now be selling branded merchandise like shirts. And if you like this, you might also want to follow @miserablemen where an entertainment genius has collated a bunch of images of men looking, well, miserable while waiting for their wives to leave the changing room.



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I’m vegan too

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@tinderconvos For all the single ladies out there trying to find love, I hope you never have a screenshot to submit to this website. From the hilarious to the bizarre and sometimes even downright rude, these intriguing tinder exchanges deserve to live on in the Insta hall of fame.

Oink, oink


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🐷🐽🐽 . . Via@mi_mi_piggi 📸 #piglets #pig #pigsareawsm

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@pigsareawsm if the name doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, I’ll break it down for you: you’ll be treated to adorable pink snouts poking out of handbags, messy piglets tucking into ice cream and even a re-enactment of a cheesy newborn shoot using a pig dressed in a tutu. Really, this is just a collection of brilliant pig pics, and what more could you ask for?



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#lockdown check in… How are you? Seriously…how are you doing? ❤️

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Looking for something to make your mouth water? I’ve found it for you: @thelazymakoti! Run by a Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winner, you’ll find thousands of tasty recipe ideas for granadilla cheesecake bikes, breakfast egg burgers and brilliant IG Live tutorials. So, take a peek and say goodbye to your productivity for the rest of the day. You’re welcome!

Wait… what?


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Falling Angels

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@designdain Makeup whizz Dain Yoon is the subject of all her posts and Vogue Italia were impressed enough with her creations to feature her in their mag, so I’m sure you’ll love her too. What can you expect? Among her most eye-bending projects include painting her face to seamlessly blend into a bookcase, and making her skin look like it’s made of an intricate lattice fabric. I realise that sounds a bit odd – you really have to see it to believe it.

The ‘serious’ one


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Photo by David Chancellor @chancellordavid – Eli and Juno on a game drive, Sarara camp, northern Kenya – as Kenya’s domestic tourist safari industry slowly begins to emerge from hibernation; the country is still in lockdown for international tourism, many are starting slowly to reacquaint themselves with the wildlife and environment that’s been locked away from them for months. This is injecting much needed income into conservation, and supporting communities that have been devastated by the effects of #covid19 . However for wildlife, seeing humans around again is a bit of a shock 🖤 @natgeo @sararacamp @kinetic_six @t_mcconnell #kenya #africa #northernkenya #giraffe #wildlife

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Although @chancellordavid really is one of my favourite accounts, I’m also putting it on this list because I don’t want you to think I’m only into animals and ridiculous memes. London-born David is an award-winning documentary photographer and his thought-provoking images have seen him named Nikon Photographer of the Year an impressive three times. My words don’t do his pictures justice so hit the ‘follow’ button – you won’t regret it.

One last one…


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The magic of Christmas can only truly be experienced through the eyes of a child #myfirstchristmas #merrychristmas #babygirl

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Here’s a bonus one for those of you who are interested… you can follow me @macfarlanekate. My feed used to be an homage to my dogs Stella and Frank, but it has evolved into multiple shots of the most gorgeous little girl imaginable (she’s mine, obvs).