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Mother kissing her daughter on the forehead

How to make Mother’s Day a good one – even in lockdown

You might not have any bubbly left in the house, and going for brunch and meeting the family for Mother’s Day lunch are off...
Nutella banana loaf on board with knife

Best, best, best Nutella banana loaf!

Banana loaves were all the rage a few weeks ago. We had ripe bananas, flour, some time on our hands, and a desire for...
Spur-themed place setting for child's birthday party

Our lockdown birthday party was a huge success!

My daughter Liv recently turned five. In lockdown. Fortunately, we hadn’t planned a big birthday bash, which softened the blow a bit, but we...
Brother and sister painting on glass doors

Parenting in a pandemic: being open to change

I’ve just switched on the TV to hear the president confirm my worst nightmare – the lockdown will be extended. The first thought that...
Young child cutting cookie dough with mother

The only butter cookie recipe you’ll ever need

Bread, banana loaf and biscuits… this is what I’ve been making with my kids over the last few weeks (I also jokingly refer to...
Boy playing with toy cars in street

Family games to try in lockdown

If you’re pulling out your hair at the idea of trying to come up with yet another activity for your kids during lockdown, take...
AfroDaddy aka Terence Mentor in field with son

Beyond COVID-19: A letter from the future

“Hi Dad, Sorry that I haven’t got in touch for a while – varsity has been kicking my butt lately! I’m getting ready for midterms...
Baked banana bread slices on counter

Best banana bread recipe

Everywhere on my timeline, people are baking banana bread. It’s become the “in” lockdown thing to bake – it could be that we have...
Easter egg template decorated with playdough pieces

Awesome Easter craft: playdough magic with a difference

There is just something so irresistibly fun about playdough, says Marcia Sissing of blog Mini Matisse Diaries, and mom of three. “To be honest,”...
Girl toddler caught in the Tupperware cupboard

“Talking to my plants & other things I do during lockdown”

Day 375 of lockdown: My psychiatrist assures me that talking to my pot plants is fine. I only have to worry when they start...