Little girl kissed on cheek by mom
Image: Robyn Davie Photography

Do you want to take better pictures of your family? You don’t need a fancy camera – just your cell phone, and some tips from lifestyle photographer Robyn Davie to take your family photos up a notch.

Robyn’s quick tips to taking better photos of your family on your phone

  1. Always take photos of your family photos during magic hour

Magic hour is that beautiful time around sunrise or sunset when the light is soft, warm and flattering. This light will mean one sees fewer wrinkles and less eye-watering-blinking-into-the-sun. It will also give a fab glow to your pics. The more you understand light, the better your photos will be.

Loving couple holding their newborn baby together
Image: Robyn Davie Photography
  1. Consider your composition

Remove or avoid distracting eye-catching objects in the background of your photos, such as dirty dishes, piles of laundry or an unmade bed, which will pull the eye away from the main focus of the picture – your gorgeous child!

Family of four posing happily on beach
Image: Robyn Davie Photography

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  1. Are your kids well-rested?

I always say that well-rested and happy kids make for better pictures. Don’t force them into being in your pics if they’re not in the mood.

Happy couple with son posing in a garden
Image: Robyn Davie Photography
  1. Let your kids just be kids

Children will get really bored smiling for the camera, so I always encourage a lot of fun, tickling and running around during a shoot. Encourage things like climbing trees and blowing bubbles, or throw them up in the air. Fun things will yield the best and most genuine smiles.

Father playing aeroplane with son on beach
Image: Robyn Davie Photography
  1. For the moms

Don’t forget to get into the pics with your kids, and ask your partner to snap away. You’ll treasure the memories, and if you’re feeling insecure, just remember that your kids love you just the way you are, which includes every smile line, every wrinkle, every part of you.

New mom looking lovingly at her baby
Image: Robyn Davie Photography

They will always remember you the way you are now – strong, brave, loving and everything they need in the world. Take a deep breath, let go of your insecurities and bathe in their love for an afternoon. It will really show in the final photos.

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PS Express

robyn-davie-photographerRobyn Davie is a photographer from Johannesburg, specialising in lifestyle family sessions. Over the past six years, she’s built her business up from being a one-woman show to a team of nine, with an office manager, six associate photographers and a couple of editors. The whole team focuses on capturing natural, real moments in the most beautiful light possible, and together they cover a wide range of photo assignments from everything family related, to events, baby showers, and engagements, to corporate requirements such as headshots and personal branding sessions, to product shoots and so much more. Visit Robyn Davie Photography or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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