How to have an awesome Easter egg hunt – even in lockdown

Even without all the friends and family and big spaces, you can still have an eggcellent Easter-egg hunt for the kids, indoors or in your garden or outdoor space.

This is the year for creating your own hunt rules, so have fun – paint your face like a bunny, decorate your garden, or even ask your partner to hide some chocolate for you to find.

Here are our tips for having an awesome Easter for the kids on lockdown

  1. Stock up on eggs

Get these delivered, or safely stock up when you’re at the shops. If you can’t find a big supply, you can also use other sweets or chocolates, or little toys. Your kids won’t mind if they find cool treats other than Easter eggs.

  1. Get baskets, bags or buckets ready

If you don’t have fancy bags for the hunt, don’t worry. You can use simple bags, boxes or packets, or as an extra exercise, you can have a decorating session a day or two before the hunt. Bring out the stickers, paint and crayons and let them decorate as they wish, and pat yourself on the back for initiating such a great craft for them without much effort.

Toddler's hand picking up Easter egg in grass

  1. Count your eggs

Trust us – you want to count your eggs before they hatch, i.e. get hidden. This way, you can tally what’s been found and if anything is outstanding.

  1. Hide the goods

Choose hiding spaces indoors or outdoors (or both) that are age-appropriate – for example more obvious and ground-level spots for younger children and more complex or hidden items for older kids. To make sure all kids get a similar amount of eggs, you could even make a rule that the older kids get need to look higher, while younger ones stick to ground level. You could also colour code the eggs to ensure everyone gets the same amount in the end.

You can make things a bit more challenging by making the hunt more of a treasure hunt and giving your kids some clues, such as “Where do the birds like drinking?” (birdbath) or “Where do we keep the keys?”.

Play some music, and ask the kids to do a little dance each time they find an egg.

“This is the year for creating your own hunt rules, so have fun”

After the hunt

The fun doesn’t need to end once all the eggs have been found. You can still do some fun activities such as:

  • Biscuit or cupcake decorating
  • Pin the tail on the bunny (use cotton wool as the tail)
  • Egg race (if there are enough of you)
  • Bunny hop sack race (pillowcases are great for these)
  • Paint eggs that have been boiled
  • Easter-themed colouring-in pages (you can print these out)
  • Bunny and egg shaping using playdough
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