what does the tooth fairy pay in south africa: tooth fairy with a bag of teeth and money

What’s the going rate for the tooth fairy in South Africa? How much does she pay for a first tooth? And what’s the appropriate amount for each tooth lost thereafter? From a couple of R1 coins to crisp R100 notes, these parents share what the tooth fairy pays in their house.

How much does the tooth fairy pay in South Africa?

My 5 year old has a tooth that’s about to fall out and she’s expecting the tooth fairy to pay R100! I think that’s a bit steep considering she still has more teeth that will fall out. Louise

. But R50 for the first tooth. Shameegah

You could start off at a low amount like R5 or R10 for the first tooth and tell them that the tooth fairy will increase the amount each time a tooth falls out so long as they are in good condition. Claire

R50 because that’s the price of one Hot Wheel. Ashni

How about putting together a new toothbrush, toothpaste, a R20 note and wrapping it all together inside a new facecloth with a bow and a thank you letter from the tooth fairy? Melanie

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I’m planning on paying R2 for the first tooth! Thobile

We regrettably fell into the trap of starting with R100 and now I’m down R400 in three months! Kgotso

For their first few teeth I’ve given my kids R100 per tooth. My kids always give me the money back anyway and we put it into their savings account or use it when we go shopping and they want something. Angie

First tooth was R100 and then the next is between R50 and R20, and if they skipped brushing their teeth I tell them the tooth fairy will only give them a tube of toothpaste with a new toothbrush. Douwlien

what does the tooth fairy pay in south africa: girl holding a toothbrush showing her missing tooth

I think between R20 and R50 is a nice amount. I give my daughter R50. I know a lot of moms say that’s too much and your children will be spoilt but that’s not the case if you teach them how to be responsible with their money. Kirsten

I offer R15 for a good tooth and R5 for a bad one. Kerry

For a first tooth I thought R100 was fair. But my husband and her aunt also put in R100 each so my daughter woke up to R300! When her second tooth fell out we only gave her R50, explaining that the tooth fairy pays more for the first tooth. Vanessa

I gave my daughter R5 in R1 coins. She was very happy because it looked like a lot of money. Fikile

Twenty years from now your child won’t remember how much money they got from the tooth fairy – they’ll remember the hype you made about it. If you start out giving them lots of money then you’re under pressure to keep it up. My child will be getting R2 or R5 per tooth. Leeanne

I paid R10 for two teeth that came out just one day apart. My 9 year old was over the moon – he’s happy so long as he gets something. Celiwe

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We had an oopsie with our daughter’s first tooth. My hubby put R100 under her pillow and so did I because I didn’t realise he’d already done it. Needless to say, our little madam scored this time but it won’t be the same for the rest. We’ll tell her you only get that much for the first one. Dene

I told my kids that the tooth fairy pays more if your teeth are white, you brush them twice a day and you’re a well behaved child! Mercy

There are parents out there who don’t have a lot of money so I would say that the tooth fairy pays whatever you can afford at the time. I’m sure your kiddies will be happy with it. Danny

R20 per tooth – R100 is insanity. Kids don’t need that much money! Lisa

My son had a trip to our dentist recently and he had to pull out a tooth. My clever kid asked the dentist how much he reckons the tooth is worth. Well, our dentist did us a dirty and told my son it’s worth at least R100. So daddy had to pay up on the tooth fairy’s behalf. Melanie

I’ve been giving my daughter R5. Yesterday I told her the tooth fairy only pays for the first two teeth and she said I was lying and that the tooth fairy pays up every time. Sinazo

I gave my 6 year old daughter R3 this morning and she was very happy. Tshwarelo

tooth fairy: what does the tooth fairy pay in south africa

Petrol is expensive guys. Pretty sure fairy dust has also gone up in price recently too. Lebone

There is no rate. It’s what you can afford and what you feel comfortable giving. Don’t compare with others as one day you might not be able to keep up. Vicky

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My son lost his tooth on his birthday and he received R100 but normally he gets R20 to 50 so we told him that was the tooth fairy’s way of saying ‘happy birthday’ to him. Lebohang

First tooth was R30 then R10 after that. Monique

My brother told my nephew that the tooth fairy at their house only gives R50 but if you go to grandma’s house the tooth fairy gives you R200! Of course, we couldn’t let him down so it’s been a very expensive journey. Karlene

My daughter told me she knows there’s no tooth fairy but if I still want to pay her for her teeth then I can. Roxi

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