Homemade burger recipe

This quick and easy homemade burger recipe results in a supper that tastes better than any takeaway – and this burger recipe has been specially formulated so that the kids can make the burgers themselves.

You will need:

  • 400g mince
  • 15ml lemon juice
  • 15ml dried breadcrumbs
  • 5ml braai spice
  • 5ml salt
  • 1ml pepper
  • 30ml oil
  • 1 large tomato
  • 4 round bread rolls
  • 30ml butter or 60ml mayonnaise
  • 4 lettuce leaves, washed

How to make the homemade burgers:

Mixing bowl with ingredients for homemade burgers

1 Place the mince, lemon juice, breadcrumbs, spice, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl.
Stir with a fork or use clean hands to mix it all together.

2 Divide the mince mixture into 4 equal portions. Shape each portion into a firm ball and place on a chopping board. Press flat with the palm of your hand until about 10mm thick.

Ingredients for homemade burgers being shaped into patties

3 Switch on the stove to medium heat and place a frying pan on the stove.

4 Heat the oil in the pan but do not let it get too hot. The oil must not smoke.

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5 Use an egg lifter to place each burger patty gently in the pan. Be careful here as the hot
oil can splatter. Fry the patties for 5 minutes on one side.

6 Slide the egg lifter under each patty to loosen it and then turn it over carefully, making sure not to splatter the hot oil. Fry the other side for 5 minutes.

Homemade burger patties being fried in a pan

7 Carefully lift the patties out of the pan and place 2 layers of paper towel on a plate.

8 Use a vegetable knife to cut the tomato into 4 even slices and set them aside on a plate. Use a bread knife to slice the bread rolls in half and then use the table knife to spread butter or mayonnaise on the rolls. Place a roll on each plate.

9 Place a lettuce leaf and a slice of tomato on the bottom half of the roll, and then top with
the cooked burger patty. Place the other half of the roll on top and serve immediately.

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This recipe extract was taken from Cook & Enjoy for kids by SJA de Villiers and Eunice van der Berg. Published by Human & Rousseau (imprint of NB Publishers).

cover of cook and enjoy for kids cookbook for easy scone recipe

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