Great kids’ reads to snuggle up to

Bring out the hot chocolate and cuddle up with these four delightful kids’ books that are great for reading out aloud, and independent reading.

The Sandman’s Sand isn’t Working

by Elana Alberts

the-sandmans-sand-isnt-working-childrens-book-by-elana-albertsAn absolutely delightful book for little sleepy cherubs. Meet the Sandman, who sprinkles sand into the eyes of children everywhere to help them fall asleep. And that includes the children of Mrs Mouse, but her little ones just can’t seem to settle in for the night. After calling the Sandman more than once, she begins to wonder if there is something wrong with his sand.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Sandman’s sand stopped working? Find out as the Sandman himself unravels the mystery of the little mice children who simply can’t stay asleep and what he does to save the day – or at least – the night.

The Boy and the Tree  

by Marleen Lammers (illus. Anja Stoeckigt)

the-boy-and-the-tree-childrens-book-by-marleen-lammersBeautifully illustrated, this enchanting story tells of a little boy who climbs up a hill. He is sad and unhappy because he doesn’t have the shiny new toys that other children seem to have. But something magical happens when a mighty old tree on the top of the hill starts to talk to the boy. Better still, the tree takes him on a series of adventures to space and strange lands, with wonderful creatures and so much fun.

This tale of rhyming verse will encourage young readers aged five to eight years to use their imaginations with the colourful, quirky and beautiful illustrations, by Anja Stoeckigt. A lovely addition is the plantable seed card, to nurture and watch a tree grow!

Dumbo: Circus of Dreams

by Kari Sutherland

dumbo-circus-of-dreams-childrens-bookPack your trunk and hop aboard! Life isn’t easy for Dumbo, the adorable flying elephant with very big ears. People laugh at him and call him mean names. But all that changes when Dumbo discovers that he has a special talent. When he flaps his huge ears, he can fly! Soon Dumbo is using his flying skills to save a struggling circus, and he’s the star act! But does the ringmaster have a wicked plan? Delight in this wonderful story with your little ones and step back in time as you remember how this classic captivated you!

The Magic Faraway Tree Collection

by Enid Blyton

the-magic-faraway-tree-collection-childrens-book-by-enid-blytonBe whisked away to lands of wonder, dreams and absolute fantasy with this incredible classic. When Joe, Beth and Frannie move to the countryside, they discover that their new house lies next to the Enchanted Wood, and in that wood, lives the Magic Faraway Tree. This is no ordinary tree – it is home to more magical lands full of elves, pixies, talking creatures and wonderful adventures than the children ever imagined possible! Join the children and their new friends Moon-Face, Saucepan Man and Silky the Fairy as they explore this most magical of all fairy-tale worlds.

 All books published by Penguin Random House. Images supplied.

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