Fun books for little adventurers

From happy family bears, to extinct birds to extraordinary mythical creatures, this selection of wonderfully entertaining books will keep your kids riveted at bedtime. Tuck the kids in and let them lose themselves in a world of make believe.

Unicorn Academy

by Julie Sykes

Young readers will absolutely adore this Unicorn Academy magical series, where every little girl receives a magnificent unicorn. What a wonderful treat and a stunning opportunity to call a unicorn a friend. School cannot possibly get any better than this on Unicorn Island, where girls and their unicorns can have incredible adventures together.


  • Unicorn Academy Ava and Star

Ava and Star love their beautiful garden at Unicorn Academy. It’s where they grow their very own magical plants! When the sky berries that the unicorns need to survive disappear, Ava and Star will need all their skills and courage to help their friends. Can they find more of the special berries before every unicorn’s magic starts to fade?

  • Unicorn Academy Olivia and Snowflake

Olivia hopes her sweet unicorn, Snowflake, will discover her magic before graduation day! Everyone is busy decorating Unicorn Academy for the graduation ball, but it looks like someone is trying to ruin the party. Can Olivia and Snowflake save the day and the school?

  • Unicorn Academy Isabel and Cloud

Isabel and Cloud are finding it hard to get along. Isabel is impetuous and hasty, and Cloud is more cautious and (Isabel thinks) dull. But when they go off on a thrilling adventure along the coast of Unicorn Island, the two become firm friends in the face of terrible danger!

Where’s the Unicorn now?

by Sophie Schrey and illustrated by Paul Moran

Unicorns love playing hide-and-seek and are eager for kids to join the search! Come along and try to spot every one of these magical animals – Ruby, Blossom, Starburst, Leaf, Snowflake, Luna, and Amethyst – as they go on a world tour. The 17 different fabulous destinations range from London, Paris, and Venice to Giza, Egypt, and Santa Cruz, California. You’ll even visit a movie set and dive in the deep under the sea!


We are Family

by Claire Freedman

This is an absolutely delightful book that is affectionate, funny and joyful. From slurping milkshakes with a big crowd of siblings, to the heart-wrenching difficulty of sharing that favourite teddy with a sister, and the joys of cuddling up together at the end of the day, this delightful picture book explores the love between siblings in all its forms, whatever the size or make up of a family.


The dodo made me do it

by Jo Simmons

Danny is dreading another boring summer holiday at his granny in a tiny Scottish village. He’s desperate for action, fun and adventure! And this year – amazingly and unbelievably – he gets it all, when he finds a dodo on a tiny island. This is going to be the wildest summer holiday ever! There’s loads to have children laughing aloud, and it is lively and entertaining from beginning to end, with wonderful illustrations too.


All books published by Jonathan Ball Publishers. Images supplied.

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