Fun activities the whole family will enjoy

A family that plays together stays together! Play is more than just children having fun; it allows children to use their creativity to develop their imagination and their physical, emotional and cognitive strength.

The benefits of exercise for children

Research suggests that regular exercise could be just as good for the mind as it is for the body by helping children to improve their cognitive function and perform well at school.

Great exercises for kids

Kids’ activities should not only get their bodies moving but they should be fun too. Here are fun activities for kids that the whole family will enjoy, helping you to all spend some quality time together and stay fit.

“Exercising is essential but it does come with sweat and dirt, especially if children are involved.”


Playing soccer as a family is a great way to bond and get fit together. It also increases your child’s focus and concentration since the game needs you to be alert at all times. And let’s not forget how this sport can require you to get down and dirty when tackling your opponent – luckily you don’t have to worry about grass or mud stains as OMO will take care of that for you. To make things more exciting, play soccer with your neighbours and their kids for a fun and friendly match.


Painting can get pretty messy but it’s fun and it allows you and your family to bond and express your feelings on paper. It also builds your children’s self-esteem because when it comes to painting, there is no right or wrong way to paint. So, your children feel happy and successful no matter what the outcome of their painting is. Be sure to compliment every painting to boost their confidence!

Mud play

Before you raise your eyebrows at this idea, remember that dirt is good, especially for kids because, let’s face it –  kids love to get dirty. There are lots that you can do with mud like making mud bricks so that they can build whatever their imagination allows or using it to make hand and footprint art.

Exercising is essential but it does come with sweat and dirt, especially if children are involved. Use a liquid detergent that will remove stains effortlessly in just one wash. This way, you can encourage the family to get dirty more often and make stains a stress of the past.