Friendly Freddy, your road safety friend

By Arrive Alive.

May is Global Youth Traffic Awareness month and the sad fact is that children die on our roads every day. In fact, 2018’s Easter long weekend period shows that child pedestrian deaths (between 0 and four years) recorded an increase of 4.9% from 2.6% in 2017 to 7.5% in 2018.

Educating the younger generation must play an important part in saving these young lives and our road safety experts, Arrive Alive, strive to make important road safety information available to children in an “easy to understand” format. Their road safety character “Freddy” has been specially to help distribute important road safety messages in a child-friendly way.

Freddy is a strong believer that the internet is an important medium to use in the creation of awareness. He believes that this process is a long-term process and that educating the children about road safety will not only save lives but will make the next generations better motorists. He believes that he is not the only person who can achieve these goals and that he needs to work in close co-operation with the government and especially the Department of Public Works, Road and Transport and the Department of Education, as well as reliable parenting resources such as BabyYumYum.

Freddy is very fond of children and focuses on those aspects that will protect the children from road accidents, placing a lot of emphasis on the following:

While we will continue to focus on different aspects of road safety for children in the time to come, parents and teachers can visit the Arrive Alive website and make use of the super helpful information shared by Friendly Freddy!

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The Arrive Alive Online initiative is aimed at enhancing road safety awareness as part of the much needed “E” for Education required in making roads safer! They believe that an informed road user is a safer road user and have become a very important tool to distribute road safety content not only via the Arrive Alive website, but also through a variety of road safety and insurance related blogs.