Find a gift that links with your kid’s passion #GiftsThatBuildTheirPotential

LEGO DUPLO Holiday Shopping

Little kid’s interests are the best possible navigator for your holiday shopping. Draw inspiration from these LEGO® DUPLO® sets chosen from what your kids love most.


Do you take your child to watch the trains come and go at the train station? Then your top pick might be a train set with coloured action bricks to control the locomotive.

LEGO® DUPLO® Steam Train (10874)

LEGO® DUPLO® Steam Train (10874)

A perfect holiday gift for all the little train fans! Kids can become train drivers with the Push & Go motor and go on a trip, wherever the 16 pieces of track will lead them. Help them place the 5 coloured action bricks along the track and see what they can do!


A cute fire engine will definitely draw a smile from under the Christmas tree. And they make interesting noises to boot!

LEGO® DUPLO® Fire Engine (10901)

LEGO DUPLO Fire Engine

Help the firefighter and child to rescue the cat from the buildable tree! The fire engine is easy to build and has a flashing light, a siren sound, a tilting ladder and an openable drawer where you can hide anything you want. The perfect gift for every firefighting child.

Dolls and houses

Is your child playing with dolls all the time? Gift them an open and accessible playhouse that can be constantly rebuilt!

LEGO® DUPLO® Modular Playhouse (10929)

LEGO® DUPLO® Modular Playhouse (10929)

This playhouse packed with realistic details has a kitchen, living room, bathroom and a bedroom. There are mum, dad and child LEGO DUPLO figures, plus a pet dog and a teddy
bear to create stories with!


Do they love animals more than anything else? Give a holiday gift your child will enjoy for
months and even years to come!

LEGO® DUPLO® Tropical Island (10906)

LEGO DUPLO Tropical Island

A set every little fan of exotic animals will be in awe of. Kids can play with a monkey, a toucan, an elephant, a baby elephant, a mama tiger and a baby tiger too!

Play Together

It doesn’t matter if you are showing your kid how to build a house, how a DUPLO train works, teaching them animal noises, or just letting your imagination run wild. The time spent together is the most valuable. #GiftsThatBuildTheirPotential

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