Make it a good one – Father’s Day lockdown celebration ideas

Father's Day ideas
Going out for breakfast and having the entire family over for a braai might be off the cards for Sunday, but there are still some cool ways to celebrate Father’s Day.

Serve him breakfast in bed

An oldie, but a goodie – breakfast in bed is a great way to kick off the day. Pick some flowers, cook up his favourite dish, play his favourite music, and add a card.

Do a spa day

It’s not only moms who like some TLC and a massage…Put on some soothing music, get out the face mask and body oils, and give dad a pamper session (there are lots of tutorials on YouTube on how to give full body massages).

Set up a wine and cheese pairing/beer tasting

Now that alcohol has been “liberated” from lockdown, you could do a fun wine and cheese pairing or tasting, or if your partner prefers it, you can do the same with beer.

If you don’t feel like the admin of a tasting, then just open something special on the day, and enjoy with some snacks or a meal.

Create a theatre

Ask the kids to create a play, or a song or a dance to show to their dad. It’s something personal and memorable, and shows so much love and effort.

Get a meal delivered

Order your dad’s favourite food and get it delivered either from the restaurant if they’re delivering, or through an online app.

Create a digital album

Collate some of your favourite family pictures and create a digital slide show with words and even music. You can find some easy and free programmes online, or you can make one with an app like Splice (there are dozens of them – simply Google them). You could also make a PowerPoint “presentation” of memories and photos.

What to do on Father's Day

Have a virtual celebration

Set up a Zoom meeting or Facebook party, and have a virtual celebration. Invite the whole family and catch up, or even do a quiz.

Say hi from a distance

If the dad in your life lives close by, you could drive past and make a distanced visit with a giant Father’s Day sign or a big wave.

Have a braai – with a difference

Is your partner usually the one grilling steak and boerewors by the fire? Why not take over the role, and give him a break?

Virtually tour a museum together or see a show

There are so many free shows and museum visits online that you can enjoy together. To find something that interests you, Google. We love the Hidden Worlds of the National Parks, online tours of The Louvre, and cooking lessons with Bon Appetit.

Give him a time out

He might want to binge watch some series, watch golf reruns or just nap.

Movie night

Even though it will technically be “Father’s Night”, set a movie date with your partner once the kids are asleep. Turn off the lights, bring out the popcorn and Whispers, and have fun.

Have a picnic

If you have a garden, have a picnic with some of his favourite foods and snacks. Put on some music and enjoy some time in the great outdoors (even on lockdown).

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