Entertaining the kids this weekend without breaking the bank

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With the small attention span kids have, they can quickly get bored. Weekends and holidays are lessons that playing with toys and colouring or simply being indoors with kids is not enough entertainment for them. Kids get over their usual toys and need something different to keep them connected and entertained. Save yourself from the headache of bored children and try these entertainment tips that don’t break the bank. 

Ice cream date

There’s nothing ice cream cannot fix. With winter coming up, this wouldn’t be ideal, but visiting a restaurant for ice cream, a waffle, or a kiddie’s meal is affordable and will also allow you to take some time out to watch the kids play. We recommend that you look up child-friendly restaurants in your area where children can enjoy and spend time there. Some restaurants have child-minders in their play areas and some cameras to ensure the child’s safety whilst you enjoy time to yourself or with other parents. 

Muddy Puddles

Who said we cannot have fun in the rain?

A rainy day doesn’t mean kids have to be stuck inside the house. Kids love exploring with water. The inconvenience of wet clothes or fears of catching a cold might lead to resistance from the parents. Instead of looking at the rain through the window, parents can gear up their little ones with boots, a raincoat, and an umbrella and let them play in the biggest puddles. If you have a Peppa Pig fan in your home, this might be the best thing they will do the whole day. 

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Sunny days are picnic days

Visit the nearest park and have a picnic with the kids. You can invite other moms as well to join in the picnic date. Have a bring and share, have it in your backyard. The idea is to find different ways to entertain the kids and what is important here is that you are also involved in their fun.

Children are easy people to entertain. Do you notice how your kids like involving you during their playtime, inviting you to their tea party or asking you to change their doll’s diaper? The whole idea is for you to get to their level and be a kid again. Entertaining your kids does not need to cost you a lot of money. You just need to have your creative hat on and see what works for them. 

A dance party 

Create a playlist of your kid’s favourite tunes, put on your dancing shoes and have a party. Tell your kids that you are dressing up for the party, and watch them come alive with excitement. Let the jams role and create wonderful memories with your little ones.