What Was In My Date Box?

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Ahh yes, I do love the fact I have children and that they are often a great way to get out of those events that you replied as a yes to, but at the last minute, you really don’t want to attend.

Let’s be honest; we have all used our kids or even our pregnancy as an excuse. But having kids is not an excuse (although we all use it) to stop having sex and being intimate with our partners.

Easier said than done!

In an era where we are so fixated on instant gratification and the speed of moving onto another daily task for our families and our work, we sometimes forget to switch off the “productivity” button and just enjoy the pleasurable things in life like SEX!

It’s a common conversation in many mommy circles, that when you are in the so-called “moment” having your head pounded against the headboard, that you are busy staring at the ceiling creating your mental to do lists for the next day or that you are so busy watching the baby monitor in the corner of your eye for a hint of sound or movement that you are actually not living the moment but rather just doing the moment.

It’s a tragedy that we need to depend on commercialised days like Valentine’s Day to remind us and force us to take check of our sexual relationship with our partners and with ourselves.

We get so caught up in the moment of mommy mode that pure selfish satisfaction for you and your relationship is the last priority on the list (if it even makes the list).

A Date In A Box

One very clever company Date Factory has decided to assist couples in constantly having fun with each other in the form of a selection of boxes that you can order online as a once off or monthly, filled with a variety of items to enjoy with your partner, not just physically but also on a mental level.

I decided to take this on and being a “no sexual inhibitions in the world” kind of mommy, with a lot on her mind when doing “monkeynastix” I ordered the “Raunchy” Box.

When it arrived at my office, I raced down to reception to grab it before anyone saw this box and got the wrong idea but I was pleasantly surprised as it was simply a tasteful brown box that looked like it could have had kitchenware in it. I invited my colleagues (male and female) to open it with me in my office as, let’s be honest, everyone is interested in sexual and relationship enhancements.

I was expecting, feathers, whips, handcuffs, and chocolate body paint like other kits – boring!!!

But what was inside was something very unique. It comprised of regular food items that you would buy at your grocery store and other interesting places.

I bet you are intrigued right???

On top of all the items was a handwritten note saying “Hope you have fun . . . ” and under all the items was a “let’s get raunchy” stack of activity cards including conversation pointers, games to play with some of the items and a recipe to make the most “Sexalicious” shooter.

What I loved the most in the box were some scratch cards that asked the question “let’s see what we are doing tonight?” – revealed under the scratch-off heart was a very “porn star” activity. I have been putting these cards in strategically located places in my husband’s office, laptop bag and notepad for the past few weeks, so that he could find one, scratch it and get the mojo going for the evening with smses flying backwards and forwards (just be careful that you send messages to your partner and not your mother in law and be careful of pictures- hahaha!). Not that it takes a lot for a man to get sexually excited but the fact that you have made the effort definitely offers another level of intrigue and gets your brain focused and ready to get into pleasure mode. Even if it is planned, us mommies need our daily activities to be planned and what happens in this planned activity is, well, really up to you and your partner.

The tagline for the company is “Where Dates Originate” and if you are wanting to excite your partner, simply start slowly to get back into the swing of things after having a baby, or just have an evening of single, getting to know yourself pleasure – I think that this is a great idea.

Go to www.datefactory.co.za to select your box.

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