Wednesday, 15 July 2020

COVID-19 Resources

All articles and information related to the coronavirus (aka COVID-19).

Pregnant lady lying on bed safe from COVID-19

Being pregnant during the coronavirus: all your questions answered

With every passing day, we are bombarded with information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) – and we aren’t always certain what is fact and what...
Three children on bed reading a book

How to keep kids entertained & educated during the coronavirus shutdown

Moms, we know how scary it is right now, and how worried you might be about entertaining the kids at home for the next...
Mom explaining Coronavirus to her daughter

How to speak to your kids about the coronavirus

When hand sanitiser is sold out, flights are being cancelled, quarantines being initiated, and more cases of coronavirus being reported, it’s hard not to...
Close up of virus particles and DNA

Coronavirus… what you need to know

In December 2019, there were rumblings in the medical community of a new strain of virus infecting people in China. Within a month, coronavirus...
Coronavirus face mask to cover mouth

What is the coronavirus & should we be worried?

Every day we hear more about the coronavirus that is spreading throughout Asia and into other parts of the world. Could this be the...