COVID-19 Resources

All articles and information related to the coronavirus (aka COVID-19).

Woman on couch ready to watch Netflix

What should I watch with the kids on Netflix now?

Now’s the time for entertainment and fun, and we’ve got you covered with some great Netflix shows for kids. You don't have to leave...
Lady and her partner stuck together in lockdown

Lockdown: do you feel mentally, physically or emotionally threatened? Here’s where you can turn...

If you’re trapped in a situation where your physical, emotional or mental health is threatened during lockdown, there is help and support for you. We’ve...
Psychologist conducting virtual therapy session from home

Virtual therapy in the season of COVID-19

The nationwide lockdown has left us having to resort to alternative ways of accessing services we were used to experiencing in person. From online...
Brother and sister painting on glass doors

Parenting in a pandemic: being open to change

I’ve just switched on the TV to hear the president confirm my worst nightmare – the lockdown will be extended. The first thought that...
Preschooler boy doing homeschooling in isolation

Expert & parents share their homeschooling survival tips

The coronavirus has been referred to as novel” because it is new and has not been seen or dealt with before. It only makes...
Exhausted woman suffering from lack of sleep

Are your COVID-19 fears keeping you awake? Our expert shares some helpful tips

I think we can all agree that the last couple of weeks have resulted in an unexpected mix of feelings for many of us...
Woman preparing healthy food during COVID-19 lockdown

How to stop stress eating during lockdown

Some of us may be struggling with maintaining healthy eating habits in your home during lockdown. Many of us turn to food as a...
Bored preschooler boy lazing on brown couch

How to stop your kids from being couch potatoes during lockdown

Lockdown is upon us. Indoor trampoline parks are a no-go. Zipline courses, too. And our kids’ unspent energy is building up like a ticking...
Boy playing with toy cars in street

Family games to try in lockdown

If you’re pulling out your hair at the idea of trying to come up with yet another activity for your kids during lockdown, take...
AfroDaddy aka Terence Mentor in field with son

Beyond COVID-19: A letter from the future

“Hi Dad, Sorry that I haven’t got in touch for a while – varsity has been kicking my butt lately! I’m getting ready for midterms...