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All articles and information related to the coronavirus (aka COVID-19).

Baby sticking earbuds into empty egg carton

Life in lockdown for a working mom of a one-year-old

Those of you who have a one-year-old will know that they really do fall into a unique category of their own – ‘Tabies.’ They...

Coronavirus & children: Our paediatrician answers your questions

We know some of the basic steps to help keep our families safe from COVID-19: handwashing, sneezing or coughing into your elbow, social distancing,...
Happy family of four dancing in livingroom

Spotify: music streaming & podcast options for the whole family now

Music is a great way to bring the family together, so why not put the binge-watching to one side and get your family jam...
Border collie running in field with toy

30 things to LOVE about the lockdown (seriously!)

When we hear the word “lockdown”, an audible groan escapes many of our lips. It might have become a regular part of our vocab,...
Preschooler sitting at table playing 30 Seconds

Life lessons from lockdown

So the crazy times continue but there may be a (very thin) silver lining to this global cloud. I think there are some lessons...
Happy mom holding baby with dad outdoors

What we really want for Mother’s Day during lockdown – a day off!

“Mother’s Day,” I said to Himself’s back. “Hmm?” he replied, carefully laying the briquettes on the braai because it was Friday night, and even if...
Mother kissing her daughter on the forehead

How to make Mother’s Day a good one – even in lockdown

You might not have any bubbly left in the house, and going for brunch and meeting the family for Mother’s Day lunch are off...
Cute dog with pink flower in its paws

The best Mother’s Day gift ideas (for you & the mom in your life)

We’ll likely remember this year’s Mother’s Day for a lot of reasons. It’s a year we cannot go for spa treatments, head to brunches...
Spur-themed place setting for child's birthday party

Our lockdown birthday party was a huge success!

My daughter Liv recently turned five. In lockdown. Fortunately, we hadn’t planned a big birthday bash, which softened the blow a bit, but we...
Pregnant woman with husband looking at at belly

Tips for dads when your doula can’t attend your birth

Giving birth can be a scary time even when you have a full support team in place. During the nationwide lockdown, your doula is...