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All articles and information related to the coronavirus (aka COVID-19).

How to treat asthmatic kids during coronavirus

Coronavirus: caring for your child with asthma

Does your child have asthma? You're probably feeling more anxious than most parents as the number of coronavirus infections increase, and what this could...
School transport during Covd-19

What to do about your kids’ school transport during lockdown

Some children are back at school and others might be starting soon, and we must roll with changes that this bring. Covid-19 has brought a...
Virtual baby shower

How to host a virtual baby shower during lockdown

The show must go on, or rather the party, and while it’s not as great as the “real thing”, a virtual baby shower is...

How to help autistic children adapt to wearing a face mask

It's challenging enough getting kids - and even adults - to wear face masks, but for autistic children with heightened sensory sensitivity, it's even...
How to communicate well with children

Use your words to help toddlers develop theirs

The Covid19 pandemic has brought a set of emotions that have surfaced in adults and children. Many people are feeling anxious during this time....
How to protect your kids from coronavirus in schools

Coronavirus: how to reduce your risk in shops, schools and on public transport

As schools return and restrictions ease, we're often asked how we can protect ourselves and our kids from the coronavirus while at school, the...
How to manage anxiety during coronavirus

Coronavirus anxiety: how to manage your mental health

COVID-19 is causing anxiety, panic and unrest across the world with new guidelines and recommendations being published and changed frequently. It's an extremely stressful time...
Momentum Health COVID-19 Return to School Screening and Support

Schools and universities are in good hands with Momentum Wellness’ Return to School Screening...

There is apprehension across the country about schools and universities reopening at the start of lockdown alert level 3, particularly given the continuing rise...
How to get your children to wear face masks

How to get your child to wear a face mask

"How do I get my child to wear a face mask?" is one of the most common question our moms are asking,...
How to prepare your kids for going back to school during coronavirus

How to prepare your child to return to school during the coronavirus

Are you ready? And are your kids ready for when they return to school? While grades 7 and 12 learners are returning to school on...